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#54. 8 Leather Biker Jackets Under £500: 12/03/2017.

So, following on from my recent outfit post, I thought it would be a good idea to provide an update to an old blog post I had written on picking up a leather jacket on a budget. That post is now a few months old, and, as such, the links to those pieces are out-dated, and I’m sure many of you may still be looking for that ideal, affordable biker jacket.

For this post, I’ve picked out 8 of my favourite leathers that are currently available online, each varying a little in both, style, and price. There’s a couple of jackets at the upper boundary of what may be considered ‘budget’, but I’ve also included a few options that are certainly affordable. Also, there’s 3 faux leather pieces for the vegans amongst you.

Anyways, I’ll spare you any further introduction, and crack on with the list.

First up we have 3 finds from Zara, and I want all of them. If you’re looking for the classic leather biker jacket, with epaulettes and a belt, then this first piece is most likely your best choice. If you’re looking for a statement leather jacket, look to picks 2 and 3. I particularly like the third jacket.

Zara – Leather Biker Jacket – £179.99


Zara – Biker Jacket with Studs and Flowers – £89.99


Zara – Studded Biker Jacket – £79.99


Next up we have a real heavyweight leather; the Reclaimed Vintage studded biker jacket. This one is for anyone who prefers an over-sized fit to a regular or slim fit. It’s also worth mentioning that its down from £200 to £140. For a bulky, genuine leather jacket, that is very reasonable.

Reclaimed Vintage – Leather Biker Jacket with Studding – £140 (down from £200)


River Island have their own take on the classic form, similar to that of Zara, and almost identical in price, but they’ve streamlined it, removing unnecessary details for a sleek, contemporary look. I personally like my leather jackets with more to them, but I know there’s a lot of people who love very minimal style.

River Island – Leather Biker Jacket – £180


I absolutely adore the ingenuity of this next jacket. It’s a double-layered leather biker by AllSaints, featuring a button collar on the first layer, and classic styling over the top of it. I just love how unique this one is, but it’s also a hefty £390. If I can convince anyone to make the investment, do it. It is honestly worth the initial spend. My AllSaints leather jacket is my prized possession.

AllSaints – Clint Leather Biker Jacket – £390


Newly-found April77 are up next. I mentioned these guys as one of the 4 new brands I discovered this year, and their vegan leather biker jacket is gorgeous. This is by far the best-looking faux piece I’ve ever seen, but it also comes with a higher price than the usual vegan jackets.

April77 – Vegan Leather Biker Jacket – €250


And finally, the beautiful brand that is The Kooples are offering a near-50% saving on one of their leather jackets. Having recently bought two coats from The Kooples in their outlet sale, I can vouch for the meticulous attention to detail and the incredibly high-quality of the construction. This piece will set you back £300. Again, reasonable when you consider the brand.

The Kooples – Leather Biker Jacket – £300 (down from £595)




#31. Budget Bikers; The Best Below £100.

The biker jacket is without a doubt the apex predator of effortlessly cool outerwear; there is no style of coat or jacket in history that possesses even a comparable aura. I myself own two biker jackets – both leather, and both black. But the rugged charm of the rock ‘n’ roll cornerstone is not confined by leather, nor, though I love it so dearly, by black. For today’s post, I thought I’d try my hand at finding the best biker jackets currently available online at less than £100, and whilst this may sound an almost-futile task, with £100 being an extremely conservative price-tag for a biker jacket, I actually had quite a lot of success. What helped was widening my horizons beyond the typical, and aforementioned, black leather pieces, and looking at fabrics and colours I might not have looked at before. Don’t fret, there’s no fluorescent teal mesh biker jackets in the list. I’d like to think I managed to find something for almost everyone – not quite everyone though, there’s always going to be that one guy. Don’t be that guy. These are cool jackets.

I guess we should begin with the classic, though, this time, faux-leather has won over genuine leather – don’t say I never did anything for the vegans who read my blog. H&M’s black biker jacket has all the conventional details, and exudes characteristic cool at a highly discounted rate to that of a Schott Perfecto. I mean, of course it’s no Schott, but for £49.99, it’s a real steal.

H&M Black Faux-Leather Biker Jacket – £49.99


Second up, and also £49.99, is Zara’s faux-suede jacket in tan. I think tan and suede (or faux-suede) is a stunning combination, and I’ve wanted a jacket like this for a long time. This would be ideal for those who want a warmer layer that won’t bulk up an outfit. Snug but sleek.

Zara Faux-Suede Biker Jacket in Tan – £49.99


I’ve always been a huge advocate of grey leather biker jackets, and I’m very surprised I don’t actually own one considering how good I think they look. This one by ASOS is £66, and features biker panelling on the sleeves and belt detailing at the waist. I quite like the roomy fit too, which is not something I say often; I’d wear this layered over a monochrome-checked flannel and a white long-sleeve top.

ASOS Leather Biker Jacket in Grey – £66


I really felt the temperature drop this week, and it’s always this time of year I think to myself, “why do I not own a wool coat?” The answer, being honest, is that I find most winter coats to be quite unattractive, and not in-keeping with the sort of stuff I like to wear. Topman have solved my dilemma. Well, I say solved, I can’t afford to buy a jacket at the moment but if I had £85 then the dilemma would indeed be solved. Their wool-rich black biker jacket does something which I rarely see at high-street prices; it manages to mingle a warm winter fabric with biker design without ending up clunky, bulky and ugly.

Topman Black Wool Biker Jacket – £85


The final biker jacket of the lot looks like something straight out of a Coach collection. Not as luxurious, sure, and faux-suede rather than genuine, but River Island’s black borg-lined biker jacket is the best winter biker I’ve ever seen at less than £100 – £85, to be precise. It’s uncluttered, cool as you like, and probably the best bet if you, like me, are currently having to throw on as many layers as you can to keep warm without looking like Joey Tribbiani.


River Island Black Borg-Lined Biker Jacket – £85


Hopefully, you guys found at least one piece you liked in this post. Let me know which style you prefer, and whether you’ll be picking one up for the coming winter. How do you style your own biker jackets? Personally, whilst I really do love some of these pieces, nothing will ever surpass the classic black leather for me.

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#23. Outfit on a Budget – Vol 2.

For today’s Outfit on a Budget post, I’ve used last night’s biker-influenced look as inspiration, and I honestly want to buy every single piece in this list. Unfortunately, a student budget won’t allow for such luxuries, but there’s definitely one or two items that I would be a fool to pass up on. I’ve revised the style of the last budget outfit post (the three-piece suit pick) because I thought one choice for each part of the look was a little restrictive. Hopefully the slight distinctions in each of today’s picks will cater for a wider range – some of you might prefer a cleaner, unadorned leather jacket to the one I’ve found with stud detailing, for example.

Speaking of which, here is that jacket; this 100% leather piece by ASOS is my top pick of the three, and the only one that’s real leather. I love the studded collar and sleeves – this is a definite yes for anyone who likes to add a little punk-inspired character to their looks. It’s also only £57, which is ridiculous for a real leather biker jacket.

ASOS Leather Biker Jacket with Stud Detail in Black – £57, down from £125.


Second of the three leather jackets is an asymmetric faux piece, again by ASOS. This is the best pick for a real tight budget, as faux leather is always a lot cheaper than genuine – this one comes in at £27. Aesthetically, its a stripped down version of the above jacket, perfect for a more minimalist wardrobe. Because of the lack of embellishment, this piece is probably the most versatile, and would be appropriate for casual or smart occasions.

ASOS Faux Leather Asymmetric Jacket In Black – £27, down from £60.


The last of the three leather picks is the one closest in resemblance to the one I was wearing in the outfit post yesterday. This piece is by River Island, and comes with quilted epaulettes and a slim cut. I think this is the perfect middle ground between the statement leather jacket and the understated leather jacket. It’s relatively expensive for faux leather, but River Island are offering 20% off to customers spending £75 and over. This jacket just happens to retail at £75, so with the discount it’ll cost £60.

River Island – Black Quilted Biker Jacket  – £60, down from £75. (20% off using code ‘StyleAW16’).


There’s only one choice for a t-shirt to pair with the jacket, and that’s this one by P&Co. No words needed. Not a huge saving here, but there’s just no equivalent brand to pick an alternative from.

P&Co Liars Motos T-Shirt in White – £26, down from £30.


Two choices for denim today – the first pair are by ASOS, and come rugged and super skinny, featuring rip detail and patchwork. They’re a lighter shade of grey, and would contrast well with the black of the leather jackets. £17.50 isn’t bad, either.

ASOS Super Skinny Jeans – Rip And Repair Details – £17.50, down from £35.


Second up are a washed grey pair by Pull&Bear. These are a bargain at £14.50, and would look best when paired with the ASOS faux leather jacket.

Pull&Bear Super Skinny Jeans In Grey With Knee Detail – £14.50, down from £24.99.


And now to complete the look; a pair of black boots. There’s two different styles I picked out here – the first being this buckled ankle boot in polished black leather by ASOS. This is the pair to opt for if you like those subtle details that make an outfit stand out – i.e if you’re going to buy the studded leather jacket.

ASOS Boots in Black Polish Leather With Buckle Strap – £32.50, down from £50.


Last of the lot are these worker lace-ups by River Island. The cracked leather detailing towards the ankle gives a slight worn feel to the boots – an ideal partner for the patchwork ASOS skinnies. These are also 50% off, at £35, and if you’re buying the quilted biker jacket from River Island too, you could use the discount code for an extra 20% off.

River Island – Black Leather Worker Boots – £35, down from £70.


I hope you guys found some pieces that you were drawn to in this post – I was particularly keen on the buckled ankle boots and the studded leather jacket. With regards to the total cost of this look, even with the most expensive choice for each item, it’s pretty affordable considering it’s an entire new outfit; the River Island quilted biker jacket, P&Co t-shirt, rip and repair skinny jeans and worker boots would cost £138.50. If you’re on the tightest of budgets, this look would cost you exactly £100, and that’s for the buckled boots, washed grey jeans, P&Co t-shirt and faux leather jacket by ASOS.

As always, I would love to hear which picks you liked the most, and if you’re buying anything from the list. Leave a comment here or on my Instagram, if ya fancy. Cheers.

#22. ASOS Biker + P&Co OOTD.

I am absolutely exhausted. I hate packing, I hate unpacking – let’s just say I’m not overly keen on the whole moving process. But that’s exactly what the past 48 hours have been; a ceaseless routine of tiresome manoeuvres – lifting, lowering, storing, removing, blah blah blah… but the horrific ordeal is over, and, at long last, I can stretch my weary legs out on my bed in my brand new house in York.

And then I remembered I have a post to upload. I’m kidding, this is about the furthest thing from a chore for me – I’d bombard you with several posts a day if I didn’t think you’d find it just a tad overbearing.

Moving swiftly on, today’s outfit post is about as me as it can get. It’s black, white and grey, it pretty much styles itself and, in my opinion, it’s the coolest look a man can wear. Leather biker jackets are tried and tested wardrobe staples, made famous, and arguably made cool, by Marlon Brando in the 50’s. I remember being 17 and thinking “I just need one”. I didn’t have the money at the time, nor do I have the money now to be honest, to get a Schott, so I did a quick browse on… wait for it… ASOS, and found a quilted leather biker jacket in jet black, perfect for the colder months with a thicker lining. The jacket cost me around £90 at the time, and 3 years later I still have it, it still fits perfectly and looks as good as new, and I wear it more often than my shinier AllSaints counterpart. Today, I coupled the ASOS leather jacket with its perfect pairing; a white t-shirt from P&CO’s Desires & Liars collection. Black leather and white t-shirts are a classic combination, and when finished with washed grey skinny jeans and black lace-up boots, the look becomes as cool as it gets. I accessorised with jewellery from The Great Frog – a further tip of the hat to biker culture. Guess I just need a Triumph now.

(I tried out some different backgrounds for the photos but everything paled in comparison to my beloved brick wall, so you’re stuck with it a little longer.)

  • Jacket – ASOS
  • Jeans – ASOS
  • T-Shirt – P&Co
  • Boots – ASOS
  • Jewellery – The Great Frog

Don’t forget to fol… never mind, you know the drill. Though, if you do want to do something, I’d appreciate a comment much more, don’t worry about following the blog. You can comment either on here or on Instagram, just letting me know your thoughts on the outfit, and what sort of thing you’d like to see/read more of. By the way, whilst I am now officially back in York, you will be seeing the red brick wall you know and love a little more, as I’ve had photos taken for a couple more outfits just in case I couldn’t find anyone here whilst everyone’s getting settled in for their new academic year.