#56. Top 5 Three-Piece Suits Under £250: 02-07-2017.

I felt like it had been a fair while since I last published a post on here… I didn’t realise it had been 3 months. Apologies. However, having spent 2 of those months writing, rewriting and editing my dissertation, and the other month recovering somewhat from the lack of sleep of the previous months, I have finally (and officially) finished university and found myself with some time to write up this long-awaited new post, at last.

With this is in mind, and my graduation ceremony coming up within the fortnight, I felt the need to scour the web for a swanky new three-piece suit to wear, and thought it might be useful to anyone facing a similar situation for me to draft up a list of the top 5 three-piece suits I could find under £250.

And without further ado, here are those 5 suits, in price order. I’m particularly keen on the Reiss and Burton ones – I’ve always been a fan of checked grey three-piece suits, especially darker greys in wool; the sort of thing you see on Peaky Blinders, essentially. Which, if any, do you like best? Let me know in the comments. And apologies again for the lack of posts over the past few months. Thankfully, I have all the time in the world to focus on my blog again, now that I have to fill in questionnaires as ‘unemployed’ rather than ‘student’.

A new post will be going up sometime mid-week. Cheers.

Gianni Feraud – Checked Slim Suit – £158


Burton – Montague Three-Piece Black Wool-Blend Suit – £200


Noose & Monkey – Super Skinny Suit in Black – £230


Reiss – Crow Checked Suit in Grey – £245


Lanificio F.lli Cerruti Dal 1881 – Cloth Tailored-Fit Neutral Suit – £249




#17. Outfit on a Budget – Vol 1.

As I’m aware, outfit posts are great for visual inspiration, and can be useful for you guys who are interested in seeing how various looks can work. However, I think there’s limited usefulness in solely uploading outfit shots. So, every two weeks, I’m going to create a post with a budget outfit picked out from online retailers, using one of my prior OOTD posts as inspiration – this way you’ll be able to add to your wardrobe relatively inexpensively, and I think you’ll find it more useful actually seeing where I find my pieces and how I put the looks together.

For today’s Outfit on a Budget, I’ve used my latest OOTD post as inspiration. This is mostly due to the really great reaction it seemed to get on Instagram and here on the site; maybe I should dress smarter more often… But also, my Selected Homme suit is my go-to look for more formal occasions, an indispensable and invaluable addition to my wardrobe, and so I thought it would be useful to find something that could be equally invaluable to you.

First up are the suit jacket and matching trousers – this dogtooth-patterned pairing by Heart & Dagger is so clean, and relatively similar to the suit I wore in my OOTD. The jacket comes in at £44, the most expensive item on this list, but when you consider that it’s been reduced from £110, it is an absolute steal. The trousers are an equal bargain, at £15, down from £50. Both pieces come in super skinny fit, but from the images on ASOS you can see that this isn’t a very restrictive cut at all.

Heart & Dagger – Dogtooth Suit Jacket




Heart & Dagger – Dogtooth Suit Trousers



Next up is the shirt, the foundation of a well-styled suit. It would be easy just to pick a standard Oxford shirt and be done with it, but being a bit pickier with the collar and the texture of a shirt can bring subtle distinction to your look. I’ve picked this textured white shirt in slim fit by Selected Homme. It features a cut-away collar, and costs only £20 – a 50% saving on its retail price.

Selected Homme – Textured Shirt with Cut-Away Collar



For the waistcoat, I opted for a classic black piece by Rogues of London, which comes in skinny fit and costs £12.50, down from £50.

Rogues of London – Black Waistcoat



No suit is complete without its tie – this black textured piece by French Connection is £12, and comes in a regular cut.

French Connection – Black Tie



And finally, my favourite part of any outfit – the footwear. I’ve picked out these beautiful classic worker boots by Kurt Geiger, which are £39, down from £120.

Kurt Geiger – ALEX Boots



That puts the total expense for this outfit at £142.50, which is really not that bad for a full three-piece suit and a pair of boots. It’s definitely worth playing around with different options too if the patterning of this particular suit doesn’t take your fancy – there’s a load of choice on ASOS, especially.
Hopefully you guys have found this post somewhat useful, and are looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to subscribe by email/hit the follow button on the bottom right of the page if you like reading my posts, and leave a comment to let me know what you’d like to see more of. Cheers.