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#55. My Top Three Favourite Menswear Collections Of All Time: 25-03-2017.

As personal style posts have provided the vast majority of the content on my blog, my thoughts on fashion as an industry have not really come into the foreground. I do tend to keep up to date with the menswear collections, but, to be honest, the news and politics of the industry bore me a little. I admire the creativity and genius of designers and their brands, but I despise much of the pretentiousness. As a past contributing writer for HERO, and recently for The Rakish Gent, I would add that I love writing show reports, as they offer me the opportunity to write in a manner that I tend to forego with my blog.

Since this is pretty much my first expression on the blog of fashion outside of my personal style, I thought I’d show you guys my 3 favourite menswear collections of all time, and which outfits from the shows I particularly liked. There won’t be much commentary on the collections, but I’ll run through the reasons why I’m so keen on them, and you can let me know if you’re a fan, too. Also, who doesn’t like looking at photos of extremely nice clothes? I’d like to add that these are in no particular order – I couldn’t pit them against each other. Be sure to leave a comment with your favourite collections, by the way – I’d love to check them out.

All images are from Vogue. If you want to check out the rest of the collections, just click the links below.

Robert Geller AW16

First up is the Robert Geller Autumn/Winter collection of 2016. I actually hadn’t even heard of Robert Geller until HERO asked me to cover this show, and I’m so glad I did. The looks are incredibly unique, and the entire collection was based on a German novel called Momo, or The Grey Gentlemen. Each outfit seems to carry a strange, slightly unsettling aura to it. Big fan.


Saint Laurent SS15

The second of the three collections is Saint Laurent’s Spring/Summer 2015 show. Think ‘Wild West’ meets Psychedelic Rock. I’ve always been a huge admirer of Hedi Slimane’s work, and this is definitely my favourite collection by him. It’s the sort of stuff I really do wish I had the money to buy. One day.


Alexander McQueen AW09

There’s no way I could leave out Alexander McQueen from my top three. And when you combine McQueen with Victorian London, you get magic. As a literature student, and lover of Dickens, the looks in the Autumn/Winter 2009 collection captivated me. The tailoring, the colour palette, the accessories; everything is perfect about it.

1020 (1)1020 (2)1020


#45. The Top Picks from High-Street January Sales.

Is it just me or have recent sales been terrible? The pre-Christmas sale was woeful, the Boxing Day sale equally so, and the January sale – the one that I tend to find the best pieces in – seems to have followed suit.

I decided I’d do this “Top Picks” post in two halves; this half being one of high-street pieces, and the second half being picks from the more upmarket sales, which will be going up at the weekend. That being said, I scoured the high-street retailers’ websites to little avail; thousands and thousands of products, either poorly priced or poorly designed. I did, however, manage to pick out a handful of pieces that I’m very much keen on. It was actually only Zara and ASOS that were even remotely up to scratch, though I did manage to find one buy at River Island.

First up, this beautiful black blazer by Zara. I’m a huge fan of the subtle embossed patterning, and it reminds me of a blazer by The Kooples, only £300 cheaper. This piece is £49.99, which is far less than even the most lowly of blazers tend to cost.

Zara – Black Jacquard Blazer£49.99 (was £99.99)


I’m beginning to enjoy corduroy far more than I used to; maybe I’m just getting too old too fast. I currently own a charcoal corduroy shirt, by ASOS, but this Zara shirt, I must say, is a little nicer. It’s sharp and minimal, and would look snazzy with that blazer above. The shirt is £15.99.

Zara – Black Corduroy Shirt£15.99 (was £25.99)


The Legend collection that Zara released not too long ago was perhaps the best collection I’ve ever seen released by a high-street retailer. Whilst that embroidered denim jacket seems to no longer be available, this studded compatriot is a stunning substitute. £39.99, too. Can’t go wrong.

Zara – Studded Denim Jacket – £39.99 (was £69.99)


Moving on from Zara, we have one piece from River Island. Now, I will say that I managed to pick up one of the best steals of my life in River Island a few days ago; a cropped skinny pair of charcoal puppytooth trousers, for £6. The fit is perfect, and it was the last pair available, and in my size – it was meant to be. However, having pored over their online sale, it seems there is very little actually left of it; anything halfway-decent has one remaining size available, and it’s usually the most uncommon of sizes. I did manage to find this basic, black denim shirt. I genuinely might pick this up, because I don’t yet own a black denim shirt, and they’re so versatile. £12.

River Island – Black Denim Shirt£12 (was £30)


Every single time I post a photo of me in my ASOS black worker boots (that I bought nearly 3 years ago), I never fail to receive messages from people looking for a similar pair, and whilst I had, too, been looking for a replacement, I had not come across any at the right price. Until now. These black boots are also by ASOS, and come with a side-zip and buckle detail, and are priced at £26. Bargain. They’ll last years.

ASOS – Black Lace-Up Boots£26 (was £65)


Next up from ASOS are these high-shine burgundy leather brogues by Base London. They’d look sharp with my new trousers. £48, for these.

ASOS – Base London High-Shine Burgundy Leather Brogue Shoe£48 (was £80)


My eye kept getting drawn to this next piece, and I really don’t know why. It just looks as though it fits perfectly. I like the military detail, too, and it’s only £54… for a wool-mix overcoat. That’s very decent. I’m looking to incorporate more browns in my wardrobe, too, amidst the blacks and greys.

ASOS – Brown Wool-Mix Overcoat with Military Detail£54 (was £90)


Finally, we have a pick of two suit jackets by Noose & Monkey. I’m a massive fan of what Noose & Monkey are doing with their tailoring, and the contemporary cuts mingled with classic design win me over instantly. This first suit jacket comes in at £67.

ASOS – Noose & Monkey Super-Skinny Suit Jacket in Check£67 (was £140)


And this second jacket – a little less of a statement piece – is a few pounds steeper; £72.50.

ASOS – Noose & Monkey Super-Skinny Suit Jacket in Brushed Check£72.50 (was £140)


Hopefully you guys found something in here that caught your eye; let me know in the comments if you’re thinking of picking anything up, and also whether you’ve had any luck in the January sales. Cheers!

#40. Burberry, AllSaints + Cheap Monday OOTD.

Ah, my first outfit post in weeks. I kind of missed the awkwardness of standing in the middle of a street, looking stern as ever, whilst Luke photographs me and passers-by look on like I’m some sort of street act. Good times. Though, to be honest, I’m getting quite used to it, which is a plus I suppose, and who knows, maybe next year I’ll branch out from brick-wall backgrounds and wander out into the city for a photograph.

Anyway, for today’s outfit post, I unearthed my Burberry trench-coat. And when I say unearthed, I mean it. This coat doesn’t get taken out of its dust-jacket except on the most special occasions, simply because I know/worry I’ll ruin it somehow. But I got it out for you guys so that you can gawk in awe at how lovely it is, and debate amongst yourselves how stupid I am for keeping it hidden. It was a completely unexpected Christmas present from my parents a couple of years ago, and it is one of the most incredibly cool pieces I’ve ever worn. The coat is a deep midnight blue, almost black but not quite, and the lining showcases the iconic Burberry check. I actually only tend to wear it when I’m going to dinner, or to some sort of formal event, which is hardly ever; though, maybe once I get over my fear of tarnishing it, I can begin to wear it day-to-day.

For this particular look, I wore the trench-coat over a mossy-green AllSaints waffle knit, paired with my black Cheap Monday cords. The pairing of the cords with the jumper was pretty much to keep the outfit smart-casual. I personally find that any overcoat looks best when kept relatively formal; this trench-coat, for example, would be much more appropriate outerwear for a sleek three-piece than it would a pullover and a pair of jeans. I’ll definitely style it over a suit another day, but I really liked how this outfit came together. To finish off the look, I wore my River Island brogue boots, and accessorised with a couple of rings from The Great Frog, and my classic Giorgio Milano watch.

Hopefully you guys think this looks as cool as I do; let me know your thoughts in the comments, I’d really appreciate it! I’ve left the links to all of the pieces below (that are still available), just in case anyone was interested in checking the, out.

#38. AllSaints, ASOS + Original Grain OOTD.

The day has come – the final blog post for an entire fortnight. Save your tears, I will be back on the 3rd December. And for all you extra-keen readers and fashion-lovers, I will, of course, still be posting just as regularly on my Instagram and on my Snapchat. Unfortunately, it’s the long-form content that has to be shoved aside for the time being. And if some of you still don’t have me on Snapchat, you’re missing out, so go add me @nikpxtxl. I’d really appreciate it. It gets lonely talking to myself.

I don’t really talk to myself *cough*, there’s a few dozen of you that find me interesting enough to converse with.

Moving swiftly on, I’ve got a cracking two weeks ahead of me. Me being the daftie that I am, I decided that this term I’d plunge myself into the deep end of disaster with no armbands and a startling inability to swim. Alright, it ain’t all that bad, but I have unwittingly taken on two modules at uni that both require a 3,000-word essay to be handed in on, wait for it… the same bloody day. So, if you thought I was leaving you to your own devices for any other reason than that I’m going to be swamped with work until Friday 2nd December, now you know. Shame on you for thinking so lowly of me.

However, before I begin the mountainous task at hand, I have got a second outfit post of the week to publish. I promised I’d style both Original Grain watches that I received, and in the last post I decided on the matte-black and rosewood piece from their Classic collection. If you missed that post, you can check it out here:

That leaves us with the rosewood and chrome Minimalist watch for today’s look. Out of the two, I think this one just edges it for me in terms of a favourite – I just love the sleeker, simpler and cleaner design, and the darkened burgundy leather strap is as elegant as it gets. I shed the usual blacked-out vibe for this outfit, opting instead for various muted tones that would compliment the watch (except for my socks, which is where my flashes of brighter colour tend to be most prevalent). For the base layer, I wore a very light ash-grey AllSaints tee. I picked a light hue for the t-shirt because of my jacket and jeans choices; a heavy indigo-dyed ASOS denim jacket in slim-fit was worn over the tee, and paired with charcoal cigarette jeans, again by AllSaints. Double-denim is always a tricky one for many people, and the rule tends to be “lighter above the belt and darker below”, but I think, as with many rules of fashion, they can be broken if you have confidence in what you’re wearing. Indigo and charcoal are two very deep shades, and had I worn a black tee beneath the jacket, this look probably wouldn’t have worked. The ashy-grey of the t-shirt breaks up the darker shades, and creates palatable contrast. To accessorise the outfit, I dug out my burgundy braces, which I haven’t worn in at least six months, and also wore my ASOS brogues of the same shade to compliment the watch. I used a pair of bright Happy Socks to break up the deep burgundy of the shoes from the charcoal of my jeans, though, you could easily swap these out for a plain, light-grey pair. I just felt like wearing some colourful socks, to be honest.

Hope you guys like the photos – I think these came out a little better than the last set. That being said, it did start snowing mid-shoot, so you can see me wincing at the cold in a few of these. I’ve included links to the clothes, as far as I could find them. Some of the products are no longer available, so I’ve linked pieces that are similar.

Let me know what you guys think about the look, and I’ll be back with another blog post in two weeks. Until then, you can go add my Snapchat: @nikpxtxl. Cheers!