#50. OOTD: 20/02/2017.

A warm winter coat would seem a wardrobe essential, to most. The emphasis drawn upon the word “most” is simply because I, being somewhat stupid, have never seen such a thing to be an essential. Instead, for the past few years, I’ve opted to layer t-shirts and jumpers beneath denim and leather jackets. I think the reason for this is partly that the vast majority of winter coats are hideous, in my opinion, usually being far too bulky, clunky, or another adjective to the same effect. And whilst, as you guys already know, I adore winter, and much prefer it to the warmer months, it seems that I’ve ignored the North Yorkshire chill for too long. In recent weeks, I’ve found myself at the mercy of minus temperatures with little to combat it with.

In response to this realisation of my stupidity, and in response to an email from The Kooples notifying me of their “Final Markdowns” sale, I decided to take a look at finally investing in a winter coat. And if I was going to find one that I actually liked, it was going to be one by The Kooples (or AllSaints). After a brief browse, I happened upon a black parka that I knew from first sight would be the one. This is beginning to sound like the exposition of a terribly cliché romcom, or of an equally terrible tale of textile fetishism, but I assure you, it is simply the story of a cold man and his warm coat. As I was saying, I knew from first sight that this parka was the one, and the only thing that would stand in my way was money. The parka was reduced. And not only reduced, but dwindled in price to a more than acceptable amount. I figured if I was going to buy a winter coat, at last, then I may as well invest. £157.50, down from £525. Still expensive, mind, but reasonable. I bought it, and I genuinely think it’s the best buy I’ve ever made. Warmth and comfort in York is priceless.

To style it for this outfit post, I decided to pair it with a black, long-sleeved top, also by The Kooples, which features a leather trim on the neck and shoulders, matching the leather details on the parka. I tucked the top into a pair of plain, black skinny jeans, by ASOS, wore a black, leather belt, with studding, also by ASOS, and completed the look with black, part-suede, part-leather brogues. The brogues, as you may have guessed, were another ASOS buy.

Hope you guys enjoy the photos – let me know what you think of the look in the comments! I’ll leave a link below to whichever pieces are still available online:


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