#48. OOTD: 29-01-16.

I’m genuinely rather disappointed in myself. It has taken over a month to get a new outfit post up for you guys, the previous one being my Christmas Day post. There were some issues with schedules and workload that made it more difficult to find the time to get these photos taken, but that’s no excuse. I apologise, profusely.

So, for this long-awaited post – or was it long-awaited? I’m sure you guys must have some sort of life outside my blog – I decided to style the one piece in my wardrobe that has received the most overwhelming response, both, from all of you on social media, and from strangers in the street; the embroidered denim jacket by Zara.

This jacket is not for the minimalist, and certainly not for anyone who fears the occasional stare whilst out and about. It is an unhinged, unrestrained, unforgettable piece that seems to scream “ain’t I cool?” at the top of its lungs; it is self-aware of its extravagance, and I absolutely adore it – so much so, that I’ve taken to personification to describe it. Too much? Yeah, I sensed so. It’s the first high-street jacket that I’ve ever seen sell out multiple times, and after failing to make the purchase on its first release, I wasn’t going to make the same mistake twice. Shoptagr alerted me to a restock, and I swooped in. 7 minutes after my order? Sold out, again. “Relief washes over me in an awesome wave.”

If you got that reference, I love you. We can be friends.

As the jacket is so overtly designed to make a statement, the rest of the outfit needs to be toned right the way down; unadorned t-shirts, fewer layers, and plain, dark trousers or jeans. I opted for a faint flint tee by AllSaints, tucked into black, corduroy jeans by Cheap Monday. To match the jacket, I wore my studded ASOS brogues, and accessorised with a black Ralph Lauren belt. Keeping the rest of the look relatively understated allows for the jacket to do its thing – to stand out.

Looking back at the photos, I probably wore one too many rings, too; two would have sufficed. The skull ring is by House of Need, and the two fleur-de-lis rings are by The Great Frog. I also opted for the Mayfair watch, in black leather, by SLVR & Co, to complete the look.

Let me know what you guys think of the outfit, and, also, what you think of the photos. I decided to branch out from just standing in front of the brick wall, as much as I do love it, and got some shots taken with a little more movement in them.

I’ve linked everything that is still available online below. I’m going to write a blog post on how to put together a similar outfit to this as inexpensively as possible, too, so don’t worry about the pieces that are no longer available – I’ll provide substitutesĀ in that post.

Photo credits to Luke Oldham.



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