#46. A Handful More Picks from the January Sales. 

So, how are we? How’s the weekend going for you guys? Today, I thought I’d write up the companion to the post from earlier in the week, in which I picked out some of my favourite sale pieces currently available on the high-street (or, rather, the Internet high-street). To add to that list, I thought I’d pick out some of my favourites from the more expensive brands that I love to (window) shop from. 

Rather than go through each piece individually – because this is a more numerous list than the last – I think it might be better, for sake of brevity, to just pick out which of these I’m most keen on, and which I’d be tempted to splash out on. 

Two of the three pieces by The Kooples are at the top of the list; the skull jacquard blazer – my personal favourite of the entire lot –  and the parka. I still don’t own a functional winter coat, and 70% off on that parka just screams “buy me”. I’m not really a ‘parka’ sort of guy, generally, but the leather detailing and sleek, crow-black design makes it far more favourable to my eye. My eye is also drawn to the Docs backpack, which is also available in black, though, surprisingly, I find the brown suede to be preferable. Investing on a good backpack (rucksack… I know it’s a rucksack) is one of the more wise spending decisions you can make; the use you get out of it is well worth the initial expenditure. The Selected Homme striped tee is a steal, too. £6 is quite ridiculous. And, of course, the dream shoes are that pair of Saint Laurent derbies. One day, one day.
Hope you guys enjoy the post, and find something that takes your fancy. Let me know in the comments which of the pieces you like best, and whether you’re considering picking any of them up! Cheers. 

























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