#45. The Top Picks from High-Street January Sales.

Is it just me or have recent sales been terrible? The pre-Christmas sale was woeful, the Boxing Day sale equally so, and the January sale – the one that I tend to find the best pieces in – seems to have followed suit.

I decided I’d do this “Top Picks” post in two halves; this half being one of high-street pieces, and the second half being picks from the more upmarket sales, which will be going up at the weekend. That being said, I scoured the high-street retailers’ websites to little avail; thousands and thousands of products, either poorly priced or poorly designed. I did, however, manage to pick out a handful of pieces that I’m very much keen on. It was actually only Zara and ASOS that were even remotely up to scratch, though I did manage to find one buy at River Island.

First up, this beautiful black blazer by Zara. I’m a huge fan of the subtle embossed patterning, and it reminds me of a blazer by The Kooples, only £300 cheaper. This piece is £49.99, which is far less than even the most lowly of blazers tend to cost.

Zara – Black Jacquard Blazer£49.99 (was £99.99)


I’m beginning to enjoy corduroy far more than I used to; maybe I’m just getting too old too fast. I currently own a charcoal corduroy shirt, by ASOS, but this Zara shirt, I must say, is a little nicer. It’s sharp and minimal, and would look snazzy with that blazer above. The shirt is £15.99.

Zara – Black Corduroy Shirt£15.99 (was £25.99)


The Legend collection that Zara released not too long ago was perhaps the best collection I’ve ever seen released by a high-street retailer. Whilst that embroidered denim jacket seems to no longer be available, this studded compatriot is a stunning substitute. £39.99, too. Can’t go wrong.

Zara – Studded Denim Jacket – £39.99 (was £69.99)


Moving on from Zara, we have one piece from River Island. Now, I will say that I managed to pick up one of the best steals of my life in River Island a few days ago; a cropped skinny pair of charcoal puppytooth trousers, for £6. The fit is perfect, and it was the last pair available, and in my size – it was meant to be. However, having pored over their online sale, it seems there is very little actually left of it; anything halfway-decent has one remaining size available, and it’s usually the most uncommon of sizes. I did manage to find this basic, black denim shirt. I genuinely might pick this up, because I don’t yet own a black denim shirt, and they’re so versatile. £12.

River Island – Black Denim Shirt£12 (was £30)


Every single time I post a photo of me in my ASOS black worker boots (that I bought nearly 3 years ago), I never fail to receive messages from people looking for a similar pair, and whilst I had, too, been looking for a replacement, I had not come across any at the right price. Until now. These black boots are also by ASOS, and come with a side-zip and buckle detail, and are priced at £26. Bargain. They’ll last years.

ASOS – Black Lace-Up Boots£26 (was £65)


Next up from ASOS are these high-shine burgundy leather brogues by Base London. They’d look sharp with my new trousers. £48, for these.

ASOS – Base London High-Shine Burgundy Leather Brogue Shoe£48 (was £80)


My eye kept getting drawn to this next piece, and I really don’t know why. It just looks as though it fits perfectly. I like the military detail, too, and it’s only £54… for a wool-mix overcoat. That’s very decent. I’m looking to incorporate more browns in my wardrobe, too, amidst the blacks and greys.

ASOS – Brown Wool-Mix Overcoat with Military Detail£54 (was £90)


Finally, we have a pick of two suit jackets by Noose & Monkey. I’m a massive fan of what Noose & Monkey are doing with their tailoring, and the contemporary cuts mingled with classic design win me over instantly. This first suit jacket comes in at £67.

ASOS – Noose & Monkey Super-Skinny Suit Jacket in Check£67 (was £140)


And this second jacket – a little less of a statement piece – is a few pounds steeper; £72.50.

ASOS – Noose & Monkey Super-Skinny Suit Jacket in Brushed Check£72.50 (was £140)


Hopefully you guys found something in here that caught your eye; let me know in the comments if you’re thinking of picking anything up, and also whether you’ve had any luck in the January sales. Cheers!


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