#43. Christmas Day OOTD.

Merry Christmas – I know it’s two days late but hopefully yours was merry nonetheless. I’ve had a wonderful weekend; one filled with far too much food and not quite enough Guinness, but a good amount of it, I suppose. Whilst my usual Christmas attire would be a festive jumper to pair with my antlers, I thought I’d smarten up a little this year.

The Kooples create some of best-fitting and most well-designed shirts of all, and this shirt in particular caught my eye in their store in Bicester Village. The detail is incredibly unique; a subtle jagged pattern embossed on rugged deep umber cotton. The shirt is slim in its cut, and features press buttons and perfectly crafted cuffs that rest right on the wrist. To pair with the shirt, I picked another subtle pattern to sit beneath it – a classic, monochrome Breton stripe tee by Allsaints; again, slim-fitting. I rounded off the sleek and smart silhouette with skinny denim in a charred dark grey, also by AllSaints. To couple with the denim are my black ASOS military boots, and I finished the look off with a few rings and my Kartel watch. 

Hopefully these photos look alright to you guys; at least you’ve been gifted a now-rare glimpse of my red brick wall again. Let me know what you think of the look in the comments, I’d appreciate it.

Photo 25-12-2016, 16 56 49.jpg

Photo 25-12-2016, 16 56 42.jpg


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