#42. My £5000+ Christmas Wishlist.

So, I’ve seen a couple of other bloggers doing something of this sort, and I thought it might be fun to do a dream Christmas wishlist of my own. Christmas is the time when it’s okay to spend that little bit more to get some investment pieces for the New Year, and whilst, as a student, that still doesn’t manifest itself in me being able to buy the vast majority of the products on this list, there might be a couple of the more affordable bits that I may look to pick up.

I’ve based the list on the presupposition that I would have a limitless budget to work with, and I’ve gone through some of my favourite brands, from A-Z, picking out the products I’d most want to buy for myself. There’s 15 items on this list, and I worked it out to total well over £5000 – so, it’s safe to say that this wish-list is exactly that, a wish. Most of these products, and the brands themselves, are definitely not on the affordable side of the spectrum, but it’s always nice to window-browse and speculate on what you’d most like to buy.

Hopefully you guys will enjoy looking through this as much as I enjoyed picking the pieces out, and who knows, maybe that near-£1800 pair of Saint Laurent trousers will be coming my way sometime in the future… (not a chance). Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know which of these products would feature on your own dream Christmas wishlist, and also, I’d love to know what you guys are actually wanting to get for Christmas yourselves. Are there any investment pieces that you’re looking at potentially buying for 2017?

  1. Acne – Black Derby Shoes – £430


2. AllSaints – ‘Rine’ Suede Jacket – £241


3. AllSaints – ‘Sligo’ Coat – £365


4. AllSaints – ‘Bodin’ Coat – £365


5. P&Co – Day Wallet in Smoke Grey – £82


6. P&Co – EDC Tray in Smoke Grey – £32


7. Saint Laurent – ‘Wyatt’ Suede Chelsea Boots – £600


8. Saint Laurent – Slim-Fit Leather Trousers – £1,770


9. Sandro – ‘Fan’ Leather Jacket – £591.50


10. Sandro – ‘Grizzly’ Shirt – £82.50


11. The Kooples – Straight Jacket in Washed Leather – £451.50


12. The Kooples – Needlecord Shirt – £84


13. The Kooples – Skull Jacquard Jacket – £297.50


14. Zara – Studded Denim Jacket – £69.99


15. Zara – Special Edition Brown Buckled Boots – £69.99







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