#41. SLVR & Co, and a Christmas Giveaway; A Review of the Mayfair + £50 to Spend on AllSaints.

SLVR & Co are a newly-launched watchmaker, founded in London, with an aim to provide premium timepieces on a shoestring budget. Their inaugural collection is a concise one, with six classic styles available, and the Mayfair – the the watch I’ll be reviewing today – is, in my opinion, the most elegant of the range.

The brand initially got in touch way back in early October, explaining that they were in pre-production of their first ever collection, and they asked if I’d be interested in styling one of their pieces upon launch. This was also back when they had just over 100 followers on their Instagram, and their growth to well beyond 1,000 since then has not been without merit. Having checked out their site, there were a couple of designs that particularly stood out to me as ones I’d be keen to wear day-to-day; the Richmond, and the Mayfair. I had initially picked the Richmond, in tan, as my preference, but, lo-and-behold, due to some unforeseen production issues, the Richmond was unfortunately not going to be available for their launch. So, with absolutely zero reluctance, I opted for the Mayfair, in black.

And what a choice that was. Keeping in mind that SLVR & Co’s watches retail at around £65 for the majority of the designs, including the Mayfair, I was very much impressed with the construction quality of the watches. What most impressed me is the quality of the leather on the strap; leather that, had I not known the price beforehand, I would have priced at above and beyond three times its retail. I don’t want it to sound like hyperbole, and it really isn’t, but every time I pick it up I think, “I would without doubt pay £65 for this watch and believe I’d come away with a steal.”

Now, before I go into a further review of the watch, and thus, cast myself to look even more of a fanboy, there are a couple of negatives, though small, that I want to bring up, in order for this to be a genuine review. Firstly, there needs to be another hole or two punched in the strap in future productions, because, when you have dainty wrists like mine, the current adjustability doesn’t allow the watch to quite sit right on me. If you have regular-people wrists, however, you should be just fine. Maybe I just need to eat a few more Deliveroos. Nope, definitely don’t want to be doing that. The second, and last, criticism would be that the face would look even more sleek and sophisticated if it was 100% black – the white ring of the inner edge of the case slightly disturbs the harmony between the black of the dial and the black of the strap. Two small aspects that I think, if changed, would make the watch faultless for me. The italicisation there was to draw emphasis to the fact that these small issues are my own, and may not be a problem at all for other wearers.

So, onto why I’m so impressed with this watch. Firstly, the packaging; it arrived in a beautifully simple and functional box, jet-black with an off-white edge, and the watch itself came regally wrapped around its own soft, onyx pillow. Subtle silver branding is embossed on the upper interior, lifting the box from unidentified sophistication to the premium the brand had pushed for. The watch itself looks stunning from afar. As I mentioned previously, if this watch is anything to go by, the brand’s selling point is in its construction quality; the surprisingly rigid black leather strap feels like it belongs on a watch with an extra digit on its price-tag. The rose-gold casing is subdued and soft, bringing character to the watch without the accompanied noise typical of gold casing. The face of the watch proudly and boldly displays the watchmaker’s origins, and the hands are sharp and glistening, like two short-swords, polished and preened. The piece, as a whole, is beautiful, especially when you consider its price. It combines a minimalist aesthetic with unquestionable class, at the upper-end of a stocking-filler budget and the lower-end of a gift’s.

If you’d like to check the Mayfair out for yourself, you can do so here: SLVR & Co – The Mayfair

I’ll be styling the watch in an outfit post early next week, so keep an eye out for that. Massive thank you to the guys over at SLVR & Co for getting in touch, and gifting me one of their first designs. I really appreciate it. Hopefully this review can provide an honest and insightful guide for any potential buyers.



Now – I know you beady-eyed folk have been eagerly awaiting an explanation of this new giveaway since the word cropped up in the title of the post, so here it is. Who fancies £50 to spend at AllSaints? All of you? Awesome. One of you can have the £50 AllSaints gift card. All you have to do to enter is one of two things (or both for two entries):

  • 1. Repost my giveaway image on Instagram, tag me in it, and add #nikpxtxlchristmasgiveaway to the caption – so that I can keep track.
  • 2. Add me on Snapchat – @nikpxtxl

It’s literally that easy. Doing both of those things will get you two entries, doing just the one will get you one entry.

I will be picking a winner randomly through a name generator, like in the last giveaway I hosted, next Thursday, 22nd December, at 7pm GMT. I’ll contact the winner for a shipping address, and if I don’t receive one within 48 hours, a new winner will be picked. Entrants can be from anywhere – worldwide. So, what are you waiting for? Get reposting, and get adding. Good luck to everyone!

Don’t forget to leave a comment with your thoughts on the watch, and also, since it’s nearing Christmas – what are you getting to gift to others?


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