#40. Burberry, AllSaints + Cheap Monday OOTD.

Ah, my first outfit post in weeks. I kind of missed the awkwardness of standing in the middle of a street, looking stern as ever, whilst Luke photographs me and passers-by look on like I’m some sort of street act. Good times. Though, to be honest, I’m getting quite used to it, which is a plus I suppose, and who knows, maybe next year I’ll branch out from brick-wall backgrounds and wander out into the city for a photograph.

Anyway, for today’s outfit post, I unearthed my Burberry trench-coat. And when I say unearthed, I mean it. This coat doesn’t get taken out of its dust-jacket except on the most special occasions, simply because I know/worry I’ll ruin it somehow. But I got it out for you guys so that you can gawk in awe at how lovely it is, and debate amongst yourselves how stupid I am for keeping it hidden. It was a completely unexpected Christmas present from my parents a couple of years ago, and it is one of the most incredibly cool pieces I’ve ever worn. The coat is a deep midnight blue, almost black but not quite, and the lining showcases the iconic Burberry check. I actually only tend to wear it when I’m going to dinner, or to some sort of formal event, which is hardly ever; though, maybe once I get over my fear of tarnishing it, I can begin to wear it day-to-day.

For this particular look, I wore the trench-coat over a mossy-green AllSaints waffle knit, paired with my black Cheap Monday cords. The pairing of the cords with the jumper was pretty much to keep the outfit smart-casual. I personally find that any overcoat looks best when kept relatively formal; this trench-coat, for example, would be much more appropriate outerwear for a sleek three-piece than it would a pullover and a pair of jeans. I’ll definitely style it over a suit another day, but I really liked how this outfit came together. To finish off the look, I wore my River Island brogue boots, and accessorised with a couple of rings from The Great Frog, and my classic Giorgio Milano watch.

Hopefully you guys think this looks as cool as I do; let me know your thoughts in the comments, I’d really appreciate it! I’ve left the links to all of the pieces below (that are still available), just in case anyone was interested in checking the, out.


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