#38. AllSaints, ASOS + Original Grain OOTD.

The day has come – the final blog post for an entire fortnight. Save your tears, I will be back on the 3rd December. And for all you extra-keen readers and fashion-lovers, I will, of course, still be posting just as regularly on my Instagram and on my Snapchat. Unfortunately, it’s the long-form content that has to be shoved aside for the time being. And if some of you still don’t have me on Snapchat, you’re missing out, so go add me @nikpxtxl. I’d really appreciate it. It gets lonely talking to myself.

I don’t really talk to myself *cough*, there’s a few dozen of you that find me interesting enough to converse with.

Moving swiftly on, I’ve got a cracking two weeks ahead of me. Me being the daftie that I am, I decided that this term I’d plunge myself into the deep end of disaster with no armbands and a startling inability to swim. Alright, it ain’t all that bad, but I have unwittingly taken on two modules at uni that both require a 3,000-word essay to be handed in on, wait for it… the same bloody day. So, if you thought I was leaving you to your own devices for any other reason than that I’m going to be swamped with work until Friday 2nd December, now you know. Shame on you for thinking so lowly of me.

However, before I begin the mountainous task at hand, I have got a second outfit post of the week to publish. I promised I’d style both Original Grain watches that I received, and in the last post I decided on the matte-black and rosewood piece from their Classic collection. If you missed that post, you can check it out here: https://nikpxtxl.com/2016/11/16/37-allsaints-cheap-monday-original-grain-ootd/

That leaves us with the rosewood and chrome Minimalist watch for today’s look. Out of the two, I think this one just edges it for me in terms of a favourite – I just love the sleeker, simpler and cleaner design, and the darkened burgundy leather strap is as elegant as it gets. I shed the usual blacked-out vibe for this outfit, opting instead for various muted tones that would compliment the watch (except for my socks, which is where my flashes of brighter colour tend to be most prevalent). For the base layer, I wore a very light ash-grey AllSaints tee. I picked a light hue for the t-shirt because of my jacket and jeans choices; a heavy indigo-dyed ASOS denim jacket in slim-fit was worn over the tee, and paired with charcoal cigarette jeans, again by AllSaints. Double-denim is always a tricky one for many people, and the rule tends to be “lighter above the belt and darker below”, but I think, as with many rules of fashion, they can be broken if you have confidence in what you’re wearing. Indigo and charcoal are two very deep shades, and had I worn a black tee beneath the jacket, this look probably wouldn’t have worked. The ashy-grey of the t-shirt breaks up the darker shades, and creates palatable contrast. To accessorise the outfit, I dug out my burgundy braces, which I haven’t worn in at least six months, and also wore my ASOS brogues of the same shade to compliment the watch. I used a pair of bright Happy Socks to break up the deep burgundy of the shoes from the charcoal of my jeans, though, you could easily swap these out for a plain, light-grey pair. I just felt like wearing some colourful socks, to be honest.

Hope you guys like the photos – I think these came out a little better than the last set. That being said, it did start snowing mid-shoot, so you can see me wincing at the cold in a few of these. I’ve included links to the clothes, as far as I could find them. Some of the products are no longer available, so I’ve linked pieces that are similar.

Let me know what you guys think about the look, and I’ll be back with another blog post in two weeks. Until then, you can go add my Snapchat: @nikpxtxl. Cheers!


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