#37. AllSaints, Cheap Monday + Original Grain OOTD.

So, yesterday I took over Original Grain‘s Instagram page, and it garnered much more interest than I had initially expected. There were a whole load of new people I got to introduce myself to, whilst also introducing them to the beautiful city of York, and overall I’d have to say my first takeover felt like a success. What was even greater than the dialogue during the takeover was that over a hundred people took enough of an interest to follow my own Instagram. Over a hundred. That’s insane. Thank you guys so much for that support.

I promised a few days ago that a new outfit post would be coming this week, with both Original Grain watches being styled. However, I think trying to cram both outfits into one post would be pushing it, so I figured I’d split it into two. For today’s post, I’ve put together an outfit to compliment the matte-black and rosewood ‘Classic’ watch. I mentioned in my review that this look would be pretty much all black, with touches of wine and burgundy to tie in with the rosewood on the watch, and I think that decision worked out really nicely (or I’m hoping it did, you be the judge when you see the photos below). I didn’t want to wear denim jeans, simply because the watch is incredibly unique and I wanted the outfit to reflect that, so I opted for a pair of skinny black cords by Cheap Monday. Cord is a highly underappreciated fabric, and often thought to be worn only by uni professors and your granddad. Well, that is sort of the case but there’s definitely a way to wear cord when you aren’t a pensioner. If you’re looking to distinguish your outfit from uniformity, but, like me, don’t enjoy branching out with colour, then playing with textures is your best bet. Denim can seamlessly be swapped for cord, or even wool, as long as you keep a neutral palette. Don’t throw on a pair of thick orange cords as a substitute for your black skinnies – that’s going to do nothing but make you look hilarious to onlookers. That being said, if orange legwear is your thing, go for it, who am I to say otherwise?

To pair with the black cords, I tucked a black long-sleeve ASOS t-shirt into the waistband (it was a windy day, and the breeze was less than satisfying). Over the tee, I wore my ‘Gouldsboro’ black shirt by AllSaints. This shirt was perfect for the look; the lyocell fabric it’s designed with gives the shirt a soft and lightweight texture that drapes against the body. I’ve worn it tucked in to showcase the wine leather belt, but this look works equally well with the shirt untucked. For the final layer, I threw on – or rather, carefully placed on (it’s an expensive jacket) – the Kahawa leather biker, again by AllSaints. Leather, lyocell, and cord – these are 3 very different fabrics that help to give the outfit some character. To complete the look, I wore my burgundy leather Chelsea boots by Selected Homme.

  • Jacket – AllSaints
  • Shirt – AllSaints
  • T-Shirt – ASOS
  • Cord Jeans – Cheap Monday
  • Belt – ASOS
  • Boots – Selected Homme
  • Watch – Original Grain
  • Rings – The Great Frog

Hopefully you guys enjoy the photos, though, keep in mind I really need a haircut and a beard trim. I’m starting to look a tad homeless. This is also the penultimate post before I take a two-week break from blogging for my end-of-term essays for uni. An outfit post styling the second Original Grain watch will be the last, and will be up this weekend.



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