#36. Original Grain – A Review.

I don’t know about you guys but I’m beyond excited for the next few days. By now I’m sure you’re all aware (I’ve mentioned it a solid 1200 times) that I was hit up by Original Grain a few weeks ago to see if I’d be interested in doing a content collaboration with them. Needless to say, it was an opportunity that I accepted without hesitation. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, there were a couple of brands who had reached out to me prior to Original Grain, and whilst it felt very much surreal (it’s still crazy to me that anyone, brand or individual, would want to collaborate when I’m still at such an early stage with blogging), they didn’t quite seem suitable for my personal style. Original Grain were the first brand at whose contact I thought, “yep, this is an opportunity I’m truly excited by”. Being an advocate of mingling timeless style with creative nuance, their products resonated with me instantly; collections of watches stunning and so very unique graced my screen upon first glance at their website, and I found myself thinking that these are just the sort of pieces I’d put on my Christmas list.

To give a little background about the nature of our collaboration, I was contacted with a proposal that mentioned I’d be gifted a watch of my choosing, and in exchange I’d style the watch on my Instagram and create a little bit of content for Original Grain‘s own account. This initial opportunity sounded compelling in and of itself, but it got better. I responded with an expression of my enthusiasm to collaborate with them, mentioning that I’d also write up an honest review of their brand on my blog. To this, they replied with extreme generosity, offering me an extra watch – thank you so much, OG, you’ve no idea how difficult it is trying to pick just one piece from your collections. Each watch has its own allure. Not only did they offer a second gift, but they asked if I’d like to do a takeover of their Instagram. This took me completely by surprise; Original Grain have a huge following, and upon first thought I felt like I may not be ready to take on such an opportunity. However, this feeling quickly receded and was replaced by wild excitement – I’d have been stupid to turn it down, despite initial nervousness.

So, I affirmed my commitment to the collaboration, and here we are, a few weeks later, with two stunning watches laid out on my bed as I type this, and me two days away from my first Instagram takeover. And whilst that is definitely the standout opportunity from this collaboration, I also can’t wait to share my next outfit post with you guys, in which I’ll be styling both watches.

So, with the background info done and dusted, on with the review. First up, I just want to say that I was equally as impressed with Original Grain‘s packaging as I was the actual watches, though, as some of you witnessed in my Snapchat unboxing, it was a struggle trying to open the boxes one-handed… apologies for that, hope you enjoyed the soundtrack of Arctic Monkeys though. One thing I’d like to highlight is how great I found it that each watch had its own unique box. The lack of a “one size fits all” approach was refreshing, and reflected the brand’s ingenuity.

I was especially a fan of the box for the Classic watch; a slide-out wooden top revealed a stunning timepiece sat beneath in black felt cushioning. There’s something about the mingling of matte-black steel with ruby-red rosewood that just works beautifully; it’s a novel twist, both in material and colourway, on time-tested design. What an awful pun. With regards to its feel, the watch is certainly weighty, but less so than I’d expected. It’s most definitely a timepiece built for dressy evenings, rather than casual day-to-day wear. I’d style it with a black leather jacket, black shirt, black jeans, black boots, and a deep burgundy belt to compliment the rosewood touches of the watch. You’ll get a visual of this in my outfit post, which will be going up next week. I really love the large 43mm rosewood face on this watch. It perfectly encompasses Original Grain‘s knack for bold creativity coupled with meticulous construction; the dial is clean and elegant but completely unique. One critique I have, if I may express it, is that the watch’s band arrives far too large for my wrist. Fear not, however, because it seems Original Grain had the solution to this critique without it needing to be expressed. The watch comes with its own link removal tool, to resize the watch as suited to the wearer, so, if you have dainty wrists like mine, it just takes a few minutes of nimble DIY work to get it to fit perfectly. The Classic collection is priced at $169, which is around £135. You can shop it here: https://www.originalgrain.com/collections/all-classic 

The second of the two watches is from their Minimalist collection, a range of timepieces that proudly boast the world’s thinnest wooden bezel. I picked out the rosewood/chrome with rosewood dial, and it’s honestly everything a minimalist watch needs to be. It arrived in a slimmer and flatter wooden box than the Classic, with the watch itself cushioned into a felt imprint of its silhouette. One detail in particular stood out for me with the design – the super-sleek 40mm face, which, whilst not slight in stature, seems a lot more subtle once strapped around the wrist than at first glance, and looks gorgeous with the uncluttered rosewood dial. The strap is equally sleek, and the smooth, soft leather is lightweight but durable. What really is charming is the leather’s deep wine and mahogany hue, ageing the watch as though it were a fine Cabernet Sauvignon. If you’re looking for a watch that screams, or rather whispers, sophistication, then this is the one. Once again, the incorporation of rosewood gives the watch distinctive character, whilst remaining true to the conventions of minimal design. The Minimalist collection is priced at $149, which is around £118. You can shop it here: https://www.originalgrain.com/collections/the-minimalist-collection

I’d like to also mention that Original Grain have just recently released a new collection, which I think is their best to-date. I’ve always been a huge fan of chronograph watches, and theirs are exquisite. You can check them out here:  https://www.originalgrain.com/collections/all-chrono

Hopefully you guys have enjoyed the review, and are looking forward to seeing me style the watches in my outfit post. Don’t forget to follow @originalgrain for my Instagram takeover on Tuesday. Leave a comment with your favourite of the two, I’d love to know which one you prefer. Cheers.


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