#34. ASOS, Cheap Monday + Zara OOTD. 

It’s been a fair few weeks since my last outfit post, but thanks to the photography skills of a friend of mine, I’ve finally managed to put a few photos together for you guys. And whilst I’m sure you’re all missing the red brick wall of my garden in Leicester, I happened to come across a sexy new wall, here in York. Thrilling, I know.

On a more serious note, the backdrop is besides the point – I’m just glad I have the facility to start posting outfits again, as there’s only so many photos I can take within the confines of my four walls. One thing I will mention is that it’s bloody weird posing on a street, shooting your outfits, as people go about their daily lives, so apologies if I look a tad uncomfortable in the photos. I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually.

For today’s look, I wanted to show you guys how to style the smoked-grey and rose-gold Haig watch by Kartel, so I kept the outfit minimal and the silhouette slim, much like the watch itself. To compliment the darkened leather strap, I wore my new moon-black Shatter long-sleeve top, by Cheap Monday, as a base layer. I threw a coal-black, slim-fitting ASOS denim jacket over the top, and paired it with black skinny jeans. For footwear, I finally picked my limited edition Zara monk-strap boots out from the depths of my shoe collection; as much as I really do love these boots, I never seem to wear them out. It’s most likely because they’re tougher than Docs to break in – poor effort, I know. I paired these boots with some silver jewellery from The Great Frog, which worked well thanks to the silver detail of the monk-strap, whilst the jet-black of the boot complimented the minimal uniformity of the rest of the look. This is the sort of outfit I tend to wear day-to-day, bar the boots (until I break them in). I’m a big fan of uncluttered style, with the only accessories in this look being my silver rings, which I don’t go a day without, and the Kartel watch, which can dress up a more casual outfit like this.

  • Top – Cheap Monday
  • Denim Jacket – ASOS
  • Jeans – ASOS
  • Watch – Kartel
  • Jewellery – The Great Frog
  • Boots – Zara

Hopefully the photos came out alright – I think they look pretty good, despite my initial nervousness at being photographed in public.

All photo credit goes to Luke Oldham.

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you think of the outfit, and how you’d style the Kartel watch yourselves. Cheers.


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