#32. Standout Pieces from the AllSaints Sale + A Little Update.

It’s been over a week since my last post, and in that short span of time, a fair bit has happened. The first bit of great news is that I am once again going to be working as a stylist for AllSaints! For anyone who’s followed me for a while, you’ll remember that I had the same position last year; a position which granted me a heap of free clothes and a 50% discount (insane, I know). In celebration of that, today’s post is going to consist of a root through their current 50% off sale (plus 20% extra off using the code EXTRA20). There are a lot of very cool pieces, which, with such a steep discount, are now complete steals, so hopefully I can pick out some bits that will make stellar additions to your wardrobe, whilst remaining relatively inexpensive.

The second bit of equally great news is that I was contacted by a brand for my first ever content collaboration, which I am so excited for. I don’t really want to spoil the surprise but I equally want to reveal everything, so I guess I’ll compromise and mention that they’re a unique watchmaker with a strong following. I’ve received a couple of emails from brands and businesses before, but none, to be honest, have really fit my style, and so I’ve had to politely  decline. Whilst I have no personal problem with bloggers who want to accept every offer they get, if an opportunity arises which doesn’t really resonate with me I’d feel inauthentic if I took it. Not only would I feel like I’ve betrayed my own style, and even who I am, but I have an awful guilt-complex; I would probably feel like I’m stealing from the brand, knowing full-well that anyone who follows me won’t be interested in what I have to say about that particular item.

So, that got a bit deep. Regardless, I think you guys are going to love the brand as much as I do, so yeah, more details to follow very soon.

Now, onto the (more) fun part – browsing through the AllSaints sale.

When AllSaints put their collections on sale, they offer an opportunity to add quality to your wardrobe (and mine) at prices that can be very reasonable. Their current sale is the best of those sparse opportunities; not only are many pieces 50% off, but they’re also offering an additional 20% off everything, effectively placing many items at a 60% discount. 60% might seem the norm when your usual style binge is in the ASOS outlet section, like mine tends to be, but 60% off a brand like AllSaints is a gift to those of us with more shallow pockets. However, they do tend to have a further reductions sale (which, I would imagine, is being prepared at the moment), which offers up to 70% off certain pieces. Whilst this may be enticing, from my experience, many of the items I’ve really wanted haven’t gone into further discount, and since AllSaints stop offering the additional 20% during the further reductions period, you can lose out on the best prices for what you liked best. I’d advise you to pick up the items you most want during this time, and keep an eye on the ones you’re less certain on, in case those do get discounted further.

Onto the sale: First up is a plain layered crew-neck t-shirt in charcoal and flint. This would be ideal as a base (double) layer for winter looks.

AllSaints Jermiah SS Crew – £50 to £30 (£24)


I am a huge fan of AllSaints jumpers – they’re incredibly comfortable and warm, and tend to fit perfectly. The Lorakk comes distressed and in brown, and features a bunched hem and cuffs. From a value-for-money perspective, I’d say this is the best buy in the list; it’ll last you a lifetime, and the details give it character which is rare in plain jumpers.

AllSaints Lorakk LS Crew Jumper – £88 to £44 (£35.20)


I really love the light cobalt wash of the Thirst long-sleeve denim shirt. I’m not usually one for light colours, but a blue denim shirt is a versatile staple. This is one of my favourites in the list, for sure. I’d wear it open, however, and layered over a plain white t-shirt – I don’t really button up my denim.

AllSaints Thirst LS Shirt – £98 to £49 (£39.20)


These cigarette jeans caught my eye for the same reason as the shirt; I don’t tend to buy light shades of anything, but the faint wash is incredibly nice on this pair. Also, I already own an iron-grey pair of AllSaints cigarette jeans, and they are 100%, without doubt, the most comfortable jeans I’ve ever worn. £39.20 is a bargain.

AllSaints Elswith Cigarette Jeans – £98 to £49 (£39.20)


I’ve forever been daydreaming about buying a pair of AllSaints boots but the ones I like never seem to go on sale. That seems to have changed today; the chocolate-brown suede Pin boot is £63.20, which is nearly £100 off of its retail price. Proper steal.

AllSaints Pin Boot – £158 to £79 (£63.20)


And now, to conclude the post, the big guns; this next piece is my most prized possession. Well, not this exact one, as mine is black, but the Kahawa leather biker jacket is just a dream. This one comes in anthracite-grey, and will cost you £156.80 with the extra 20% discount. A leather biker is always an investment piece, and whilst the ones I found for under £100 in last week’s post were great for budget buys, if you can afford to treat yourself, then this is the real winner. I got mine for near-enough the same price, and I would gladly have spent the retail on it.

AllSaints Kahawa Leather Biker Jacket – £328 to £196 (£156.80)


Lastly, another biker jacket. This time, suede, and a faint tawny-brown. This piece is the same price as the Kahawa leather biker jacket, but the better choice if you’re looking for some autumnal outerwear to layer over your outfits. If you’re looking for effortless cool, pick the Kahawa.

AllSaints Takeo Biker Jacket – £328 to £196 (£156.80)


I didn’t realise how long this post was, but hopefully you guys have enjoyed the read. There was a lot to get through, but I always have time to peruse AllSaints sales.

Take a guess at what brand I’m collaborating with in the comments section, and let me know if you’ve been inspired to do a little AllSaints shop. Cheers.


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