#30. Outfit on a Budget – Vol 4.

Aren’t you guys lucky today? I’ve found a load of amazing affordable pieces, but you’re gonna have to bear with me because there’s a lot to get through. I’ll make it worth your while.

Rather than drawing inspiration from one of my previous outfit posts, for today’s Outfit on a Budget I’ve created a completely new look, and one which I’ll most likely be buying myself. Having focused such a large part of my Instagram and recent blog posts on ASOS, I promised I’d withhold from using them as a resource in today’s post, and to be honest, it went better than I initially expected. I’ve been really liking a couple of Scandinavian brands of late, and thought it’d be cool to incorporate some of their pieces into a look that combines the minimalist fashion they’re renowned for with distressed, grungy pieces from high-street retailers. The idea was to weave punk influences into a look that was comprised of wardrobe essentials.

Selected Homme is a Scandinavian brand that I’ve admired for a while now, and their burgundy leather Chelsea boots are by far my most worn pair of shoes. They tend to produce collections of high-quality basics, in-keeping with the general vibe of Nordic style, and their pricing is genuinely well below what I’d expect. I’ve picked out a t-shirt from their sale (in black and in white) as the base layer for today’s look, and was really surprised to see £11.15 under the photo. I own a Selected Homme plain black O-neck tee, and paid £18 for it, and even that, in my opinion, was underpriced for how well it wears. This particular tee comes in longline, which is perfect if you’re layering it with other pieces.

Selected Homme – White Tee – £11.15


Selected Homme – Black Tee – £11.15


Now that the base layer is taken care of, another Scandinavian brand chipped in with the next layer – Cheap Monday’s Shatter long-sleeve tee comes in moon-black, and is on sale at £20, down from £40. This piece is loose-fitting, and the shade would compliment either the white or the black of the Selected Homme tee; I personally would go for black, simply because the gradient of shades would be more flattering on the eye once you take into account our final layer – a light-grey denim shirt.

Cheap Monday – ‘Shatter’ LS Tee – £20


This might be the very first time AllSaints has featured in a list of budget picks, but their current mid-season 40% off sale means that, whilst still not totally affordable, some of their pieces are extremely good value for money right now. It really is worth the investment for the quality and durability of their shirts. This Roxon denim shirt is on sale at £58, and is the perfect top layer for this look.

AllSaints – ‘Roxon’ Denim Shirt – £58


However, if you don’t want to part with near-£60, then Zara is your choice. This slim-fitting grey denim shirt is almost identical to its AllSaints counterpart, but £38 cheaper.

Zara – Slim Fit Denim Shirt – £19.99


Right, top-half of the look is all sorted. Now for the jeans. Or, in this case, the cords. I was browsing Cheap Monday’s sale and found these black skinny cord jeans, which are designed to look and fit like a pair of skinny denim jeans but come in cord fabric, which I’m a huge fan of. They’re also only £28, and I’m definitely grabbing a pair.

Cheap Monday – Black Skinny Cord Jeans – £28


If cord isn’t your thing, and you want to opt for the standard denim leg-wear, then New Look do a clean pair of black super-skinny jeans at £19.99. I personally think the unique texture of cord would only enhance this look, but, of course, you can’t go wrong with denim.

New Look – Black Super Skinny Jeans – £19.99


Ah, shoes. If I had £100 to spend on shoes, I would buy both of these pairs by River Island. As I’ve stated multiple times, I think River Island is the best high-street retailer for men’s footwear. First up are their limited-edition suede creepers. Now, if you really want to punk up an outfit, creepers are the classic choice. These come in at £50.

River Island – Limited Edition Suede Creepers – £50


The second pair are slim-heeled black suede Chelsea boots – this is the sort of shape I love for a pair of Chelsea boots; many can be designed in a way that’s a little clunky around the ankle or too wide at the toe. These are also £50.

River Island – Black Chelsea Boots – £50



One thing I have yet to include in my Outfit on a Budget posts is jewellery. Rings from The Great Frog are categorically not budget pieces, but I did come across a cool brand called House of Need recently. They do a load of stainless steel rings, priced between £20-30, for the most part. I’ve picked out a couple here, which I think would fit well with this look.

House of Need – ’13’ Ring – £27.50


House of Need – ‘Hold Fast’ Ring – £28.50


And that’s the outfit. If I do say so myself, I feel like this has been the best Outfit on a Budget thus far – there are so many pieces that I really want. What do you guys think? Please feel free to leave a comment, either on here or over on Instagram, letting me know which items you like best, and if there’s any you’re going to be buying. Cheers.

For any further questions, or a general chat, tweet me @nikpxtxl.


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