#27. Outfit on a Budget – Vol 3.

The versatility and durability of denim knows no bounds; whether in the form of outerwear, or as a pair of jeans, or simply a shirt, it is a stylistic cornerstone for such a wide array of looks. From the boxy beaten-up jackets prevalent in streetwear, to the clean lines, skinny-fits and cropped hems worn by modern indie-rock musicians, denim is an undeniably integral facet to all faces of fashion.

My last outfit post featured an acid-washed grey denim jacket, which I picked up from ASOS. I styled it with a classic Breton stripe AllSaints t-shirt, black skinnies and Religion monk-strap shoes, merging my personal style with distressed details and an industrial overtone. The look got a great response, and I had a load of positive comments about my jacket and my shoes, in particular. So, for today’s Outfit on a Budget, I thought I’d recreate the look, and find you guys some affordable picks to piece together yourselves. If you missed the post, you can find it at https://nikpxtxl.com/2016/09/23/25-asos-allsaints-religion-industrial-denim-ootd/.

Up first is the beating heart of this look; the denim jacket. I’ve picked out 3 relatively similar styles, each with their subtleties. I’ve never been a huge proponent of Topman – in the past, I’ve found their pricing to be too high for what they’re offering, and I’ve often thought their collections to be somewhat disappointing – however, during periods of 20% student discount, their pieces become much more attractive. This first jacket is washed black and by Topman, retailing at £45, which makes it £36 with the discount. What I like about the jacket is its simplicity; it comes in a slim (but not overly slim) fit, and a classic charcoal and smoke wash, making it about as versatile as a denim jacket gets. It features slight stitch detail, only serving to accentuate its effortlessness.

Topman Black Vintage Wash Denim Jacket – £45 (£36, with student discount)


The second jacket, surprise surprise, is a piece by ASOS. Unfortunately, the exact jacket I’m wearing in the outfit post is no longer available on the site, but they do have this one; it comes slim-fitting, and in a wash that mingles icy-blue with a foggy grey. This is definitely my favourite of the 3, and also the cheapest, at £35. ASOS also offer 10% student discount year-round on non-sale items, so if you’re a broke student like me, it’ll cost you £31.50.

ASOS Slim Fit Denim Jacket in Blue Wash – £35 (£31.50 with student discount)


Finally, we have something for you edgy kids. I’m kidding, it’s actually quite a cool jacket. Again, I’ve never really been keen on H&M, though I don’t actually have any issue with them – it’s simply that I’ve never shopped there. But, this may change that. Their ‘trashed’ denim jacket takes distressing to a different level; it looks extremely worn, and comes slightly cropped, in a black wash. If you’re looking for a denim jacket which will stand out from all the minimalism, or make you a little chilly in the coming winter, then this is your piece. H&M offer 20% student discount, and this jacket retails at £39.99, so with the discount it’ll cost you £32.

H&M Trashed Denim Jacket – £39.99 (£32 with student discount)


Next up is the striped t-shirt; I’ve picked out two tees, one a little pricier than the other, but both perfect for this look. The first is the most similar to the AllSaints t-shirt I wore in my outfit post; ASOS have an oversized monochrome striped tee with capped sleeves, and it’s only £8, down from £14. This is the sort of thing I’d buy just to have in my wardrobe – it’s a staple, and pairs well with any plain jacket.

ASOS Oversized Striped T-Shirt – £8


Dr. Denim do a pricier, but more classic version of the striped tee, in a two-tone grey. The hemlines come rolled, and having bought a t-shirt from Dr. Denim before, I promise you it is worth the extra tenner.

Selected Homme Classic Striped T-Shirt – £20


Black skinny jeans. Where would I be without them? And seemingly, where would I be without Dr. Denim in this post? Their Leroy super skinny black jeans come with a slightly dropped crotch, and are on sale on ASOS at £22.50, down from £45. You don’t need another choice.

Dr. Denim Leroy Black Skinny Jeans – £22.50


But I’ll give you one, anyway. If you like your jeans to envelope your legs tighter than is medically advised – like me – then here’s the exact pair I’m wearing in the outfit post. They’re the ‘extreme super skinny’ (a rather unwarranted name, of course) black jeans by ASOS, and they’re £25. With the 10% student discount, that makes them exactly the same price as the pair by Dr. Denim.

ASOS Extreme Super Skinny Black Jeans – £25 (£22.50 with student discount)


And to finish the look off, we need shoes. Monk-straps. Leather monk-straps. Black leather monk-straps. Or navy leather monk-straps. The term ‘monk-straps’ is starting to lose all meaning. Anyways, Kurt Geiger never disappoint – these Barton shoes come in navy or black leather, and are beautiful. There’s no other words to describe them. They’re £49, down from £120.

Kurt Geiger Barton Navy Monk-Strap Shoes – £49


Kurt Geiger Barton Black Monk-Strap Shoes – £49


I’ve been sat writing this post for about 4 hours now… it really is crazy how long it takes to browse all the different retailers, compare, contrast, and pick the best affordable pieces out, save all the images and format them all, then write up the post. Or it isn’t crazy, and it’s just quite a lot of work. And so, I’d very much appreciate your comments – let me know what you liked and disliked, and whether anything allured you into parting with your money. I hope some of you (or all of you) have found the post useful. I was half-kidding about it being a lot of work; these Outfit on a Budget posts are so much fun to write, and I get to look at an obscene amount of clothing.

A new outfit post will be going up tomorrow, so look out for that. Also, if you have any questions, or want more tailored style advice and picks to fit your individual budget/size/etc. then feel free to give my Twitter a follow – @nikpxtxl. It’s a lot easier to converse on there, and I can get a better idea of your specific preferences to offer you more than just my general picks. Cheers.



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