#26. The Best Affordable Winter Coats on Mallzee + £10 Free Spend.

Right, it’s been a good (or bad) five days since I last had a moment to write anything substantial, and I’m sure you’ve all been weeping during that time, but I’m going to start this post off with the bad news – due to the imminent arrival of my final year at uni, it’s likely that I’m not going to have the time to write 3 posts a week anymore. *cue booing, jeering and crying* Dry your eyes, I’m only dropping 1 post a week. Hopefully, doing so will allow me the time to focus on uni but also to keep this blog consistent and valuable for you guys. If I’m honest, I’m still unsure as to how outfit posts will pan out – I’m yet to find a photographer, though, if it comes to it, I’ll buy a tripod and take the photos myself. I’m hoping I can get an outfit post up every week, and if not, then certainly every fortnight. The bulk of my posts, and the general direction of my blog, will probably become more informative until I go home for Christmas; budget shopping guides, style tips and outfit picks will take centre stage over my OOTD posts. Who wants to see me pose against a brick wall in black clothes, anyway?

Well, that was a rather unnecessarily long introduction. Hopefully you’re still with me. If you are, congrats, you’re going to get £10 to spend on clothes for free. I got an email from the guys over at Mallzee this afternoon, (remember them? the proper cool app which works like a Tinder/Google Search mashup for online fashion) and they mentioned that from 5pm tomorrow until Sunday 2nd October they will be offering a tenner to anyone who enters a referral code into the app – no strings, you literally just have to type the code in and your account will be credited £10 to spend on whatever you want. As fate would have it, I happen to have a referral code -> NIKP2YQ. You don’t, of course, have to use my referral code, but we both get a tenner free, win-win. Make sure you don’t enter it into the app until 5pm tomorrow though, else you’ll only get £5 credited. If you have any friends who want free clothes too (who doesn’t?), just give them your own referral codes to enter for even more credit. I’ll leave a link to the app below. You just need to click on the credit button in the My Account section of the app to enter a referral code:



Now, what to do with your free spend? With the sudden drop in temperature this past week, I realised that, somehow, I don’t actually own a winter coat. Leather jackets, denim jackets, shirt/jacket crossovers – these I have many, but no real December coat. I do have a Burberry trench coat, but I get a little scared it’ll get ruined, so it only comes out on special occasions. I had a browse on Mallzee after they’d emailed me, and found a bunch of different styles on sale. You don’t need to spend your tenner towards a winter coat, you could get some underwear, a t-shirt or jewellery almost completely free instead, but I figured this is a good opportunity to get a high-quality coat as inexpensively as possible.

First up, I saw this very clean and classic cotton Mac in navy-blue. It’s a regular fit, and would be ideal for layering over a long-sleeve t-shirt and a plain jumper.

TheIdleMan – £56, down from £69.90.


River Island are always worth looking at for affordable men’s coats; this one comes black, double-breasted with funnel-neck, and in a wool blend, with zip pockets on the chest and large buttoned pockets at the waist. It’s also on sale at £40 (and that’s before our free tenner).

River Island – £40, down from £95.


Third up is another River Island piece. This one is a belted, slim-fit jacket in dark brown. The belt gives the jacket some added versatility; I’d wear it unfastened as a warmer substitute for a blazer, which would also dress down a more formal look.

River Island – £50, down from £110.


River Island are on a roll. I really love this next one, and, if I didn’t already own a navy trench-coat, I’d be all over it. The details on this coat are what make it unique; it comes fitted, with zipped pockets, epaulettes and a longline cut. River Island have made a £40 coat look like a £400 coat.

River Island – £40, down from £95.


I was going to end the post there, but then I saw this; it’s not quite a winter coat – more of an autumnal piece – but this tanned suede biker jacket is beautiful. And it’s £96. Just take my money.

TheIdleMan – £96, down from £119.90.


If any of you were contemplating buying a winter coat, hopefully you’ve found one in this post that’s swayed you. Remember that all the prices I mentioned are without the £10 free spend, so knock an extra tenner off them if you’re going to be so kind as to use my referral code. Here’s a link to the app: 


I can’t stop looking at that tan biker jacket.

Feel free to leave a comment letting me know which of the coats you liked best, and which, if any, you’re thinking about buying. Also, what are you going to spend your free £10 on?


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