#24. AllSaints + ASOS: Autumn OOTD.

At long last the sweltering heat seems to have been swept aside by the autumn breeze, and I can now start utilising more from my wardrobe than just a t-shirt and jeans. As many of you will have gathered, (not that I mention it often at all), I’m a big fan of AllSaints. The problem with that is twofold: Firstly, I have to save up for months to afford a pair of socks, and that’s assuming they’re on sale, and secondly, 80% of their output (the good stuff) is geared towards a cooler climate. Even their spring/summer collections seem to be eagerly awaiting the arrival of October. So, the vast majority of my favourite pieces from my wardrobe never see the light of day during summer, barring the odd viscose shirt and P&Co’s tees.

Today’s outfit post is a glance at the direction I like to take my style when the weather is milder – it’s also a look than can be scaled all the way into the depths of winter, forming a perfect foundation for further layering. For the first layer, I threw on a plain white, longline jumper by ASOS. This piece is one I’d recommend to anybody, regardless of their style, as it’s an ideal base for autumn/winter looks; the jumper is thin but relatively warm, and extremely versatile. For the second layer, I got to pick out one of those AllSaints wardrobe favourites that hadn’t been worn since last winter – a chunky moss-green waffle knit, which, thanks to my 50% discount whilst working for them, and the fact that it was on sale at the time, I managed to pick up for something silly like £25. I don’t think the exact same jumper is on their site anymore, but the Trias Crew is very similar if you’re looking for something like it (and AllSaints are offering 20% off at the moment, not that that makes it all that much more affordable). Anyways, this second jumper is mid-weight, extremely comfortable, and comes in a slimmer fit, with a regular length hem that looks great layered on top of the ASOS longline. I contrasted the muted green of the top layer with steel blue skinny jeans, again by ASOS. These must be my tightest pair of jeans, it’s actually a little ridiculous. I paired the jeans with an addition to the autumnal palette – my burgundy leather brogues, once again… by ASOS. There’s a running theme here.

  • Longline Jumper – ASOS
  • Waffle-knit Jumper – AllSaints
  • Jeans – ASOS
  • Brogues – ASOS
  • Bracelet – Icon Brand
  • Skull Ring – The Great Frog

As I mentioned in the last outfit post, you will be seeing the red brick wall a little more, because I got photos taken for a couple of extra outfits back at home just in case I had trouble finding locations/someone to take the photos here in York.

Don’t know about you but I really enjoyed this post – maybe I’m just happy I’m not sweating 24/7 anymore.

Feel free to leave a comment on here (or on my Instagram) letting me know what you think about the outfit, or tweet me @nikpxtxl if you have any questions or want any help finding similar pieces – it’s a lot easier to have a conversation on there. Cheers.



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