#23. Outfit on a Budget – Vol 2.

For today’s Outfit on a Budget post, I’ve used last night’s biker-influenced look as inspiration, and I honestly want to buy every single piece in this list. Unfortunately, a student budget won’t allow for such luxuries, but there’s definitely one or two items that I would be a fool to pass up on. I’ve revised the style of the last budget outfit post (the three-piece suit pick) because I thought one choice for each part of the look was a little restrictive. Hopefully the slight distinctions in each of today’s picks will cater for a wider range – some of you might prefer a cleaner, unadorned leather jacket to the one I’ve found with stud detailing, for example.

Speaking of which, here is that jacket; this 100% leather piece by ASOS is my top pick of the three, and the only one that’s real leather. I love the studded collar and sleeves – this is a definite yes for anyone who likes to add a little punk-inspired character to their looks. It’s also only £57, which is ridiculous for a real leather biker jacket.

ASOS Leather Biker Jacket with Stud Detail in Black – £57, down from £125.


Second of the three leather jackets is an asymmetric faux piece, again by ASOS. This is the best pick for a real tight budget, as faux leather is always a lot cheaper than genuine – this one comes in at £27. Aesthetically, its a stripped down version of the above jacket, perfect for a more minimalist wardrobe. Because of the lack of embellishment, this piece is probably the most versatile, and would be appropriate for casual or smart occasions.

ASOS Faux Leather Asymmetric Jacket In Black – £27, down from £60.


The last of the three leather picks is the one closest in resemblance to the one I was wearing in the outfit post yesterday. This piece is by River Island, and comes with quilted epaulettes and a slim cut. I think this is the perfect middle ground between the statement leather jacket and the understated leather jacket. It’s relatively expensive for faux leather, but River Island are offering 20% off to customers spending £75 and over. This jacket just happens to retail at £75, so with the discount it’ll cost £60.

River Island – Black Quilted Biker Jacket  – £60, down from £75. (20% off using code ‘StyleAW16’).


There’s only one choice for a t-shirt to pair with the jacket, and that’s this one by P&Co. No words needed. Not a huge saving here, but there’s just no equivalent brand to pick an alternative from.

P&Co Liars Motos T-Shirt in White – £26, down from £30.


Two choices for denim today – the first pair are by ASOS, and come rugged and super skinny, featuring rip detail and patchwork. They’re a lighter shade of grey, and would contrast well with the black of the leather jackets. £17.50 isn’t bad, either.

ASOS Super Skinny Jeans – Rip And Repair Details – £17.50, down from £35.


Second up are a washed grey pair by Pull&Bear. These are a bargain at £14.50, and would look best when paired with the ASOS faux leather jacket.

Pull&Bear Super Skinny Jeans In Grey With Knee Detail – £14.50, down from £24.99.


And now to complete the look; a pair of black boots. There’s two different styles I picked out here – the first being this buckled ankle boot in polished black leather by ASOS. This is the pair to opt for if you like those subtle details that make an outfit stand out – i.e if you’re going to buy the studded leather jacket.

ASOS Boots in Black Polish Leather With Buckle Strap – £32.50, down from £50.


Last of the lot are these worker lace-ups by River Island. The cracked leather detailing towards the ankle gives a slight worn feel to the boots – an ideal partner for the patchwork ASOS skinnies. These are also 50% off, at £35, and if you’re buying the quilted biker jacket from River Island too, you could use the discount code for an extra 20% off.

River Island – Black Leather Worker Boots – £35, down from £70.


I hope you guys found some pieces that you were drawn to in this post – I was particularly keen on the buckled ankle boots and the studded leather jacket. With regards to the total cost of this look, even with the most expensive choice for each item, it’s pretty affordable considering it’s an entire new outfit; the River Island quilted biker jacket, P&Co t-shirt, rip and repair skinny jeans and worker boots would cost £138.50. If you’re on the tightest of budgets, this look would cost you exactly £100, and that’s for the buckled boots, washed grey jeans, P&Co t-shirt and faux leather jacket by ASOS.

As always, I would love to hear which picks you liked the most, and if you’re buying anything from the list. Leave a comment here or on my Instagram, if ya fancy. Cheers.


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