#22. ASOS Biker + P&Co OOTD.

I am absolutely exhausted. I hate packing, I hate unpacking – let’s just say I’m not overly keen on the whole moving process. But that’s exactly what the past 48 hours have been; a ceaseless routine of tiresome manoeuvres – lifting, lowering, storing, removing, blah blah blah… but the horrific ordeal is over, and, at long last, I can stretch my weary legs out on my bed in my brand new house in York.

And then I remembered I have a post to upload. I’m kidding, this is about the furthest thing from a chore for me – I’d bombard you with several posts a day if I didn’t think you’d find it just a tad overbearing.

Moving swiftly on, today’s outfit post is about as me as it can get. It’s black, white and grey, it pretty much styles itself and, in my opinion, it’s the coolest look a man can wear. Leather biker jackets are tried and tested wardrobe staples, made famous, and arguably made cool, by Marlon Brando in the 50’s. I remember being 17 and thinking “I just need one”. I didn’t have the money at the time, nor do I have the money now to be honest, to get a Schott, so I did a quick browse on… wait for it… ASOS, and found a quilted leather biker jacket in jet black, perfect for the colder months with a thicker lining. The jacket cost me around £90 at the time, and 3 years later I still have it, it still fits perfectly and looks as good as new, and I wear it more often than my shinier AllSaints counterpart. Today, I coupled the ASOS leather jacket with its perfect pairing; a white t-shirt from P&CO’s Desires & Liars collection. Black leather and white t-shirts are a classic combination, and when finished with washed grey skinny jeans and black lace-up boots, the look becomes as cool as it gets. I accessorised with jewellery from The Great Frog – a further tip of the hat to biker culture. Guess I just need a Triumph now.

(I tried out some different backgrounds for the photos but everything paled in comparison to my beloved brick wall, so you’re stuck with it a little longer.)

  • Jacket – ASOS
  • Jeans – ASOS
  • T-Shirt – P&Co
  • Boots – ASOS
  • Jewellery – The Great Frog

Don’t forget to fol… never mind, you know the drill. Though, if you do want to do something, I’d appreciate a comment much more, don’t worry about following the blog. You can comment either on here or on Instagram, just letting me know your thoughts on the outfit, and what sort of thing you’d like to see/read more of. By the way, whilst I am now officially back in York, you will be seeing the red brick wall you know and love a little more, as I’ve had photos taken for a couple more outfits just in case I couldn’t find anyone here whilst everyone’s getting settled in for their new academic year.




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