#21. Vivienne Westwood OOTD – Minimal Style.

Before I begin the bulk of this post, I’d like you to know that I’m well aware how mind-numbingly dull my red brick wall is beginning to look. Okay, maybe it’s not mind-numbing, but it is a little less interesting to look at now that you’ve seen it for weeks on end. I’m checking out some different backdrops for any posts that go up before I leave Leicester to head back to uni this weekend, and then as of Sunday you’ll be seeing more of York; maybe even the cracked grey wall of my student house, lucky you.

Today’s glaring sun made for some less than ideal photography – you did your best, Mum, and that’s all that matters. However, sun-struck photos aside, I think today’s look got its glow from its simplicity. Sometimes the best outfits are the most understated ones, and you can’t get much more understated than a jumper, jeans and a pair of boots. And whilst it’s true that you can’t really go wrong when you dress with minimalism, at the same time it becomes a little more difficult to extract a subtle sense of individuality and character from that simplicity. What it comes down to, and where you have to get creative, in my opinion, is in the micro-details of each piece. By this I mean the aspects of clothing that most tend to take for granted; the fit, the material, the exact hue, rather than simply the design. Shades of grey, for example, become more important in how they sit within a look, and one less-than-perfect fitting piece can prevent you from actualising the full potential of effortless style.

Moving on from the rambling, I tried my best to put all of the above into effect with today’s outfit. Vivienne Westwood makes an appearance in the form of a slim (but not too slim) crow-black crew-neck jumper with ribbed cuffs and hem. The jumper is ideal for this style; made in Italy using 100% wool, it feels lightweight yet warm and extremely comfortable, and the cut comes slim around the arms and shoulders and roomier around the waist. I’m the first person to overtly criticise the pointlessness in people spending simply for the sake of logos and brand names, and even in this case I wouldn’t recommend splurging the £180 this piece retails for (I got it as a present so I’m not complaining), but there are times when paying for the higher-end makes a lot of sense – in this case, the incredible quality and fit of the jumper is something I find much less common in the high-street counterparts. If you were to look for a high-street alternative, my first port of call would be Zara – I find their fit tends to be similar, however, having not owned a jumper by them, I’m unsure on how well they keep their fit and colour after several washes, so I can’t recommend you any particular piece. I paired the Vivienne Westwood essential with my iron-grey AllSaints jeans; the main reasoning behind this being that they’re the best fitting jeans that I own, and they break up the black between the jumper and the boots. With simpler looks like this, picking colour carefully is vital in order to prevent pieces blending together and looking clunky. I finished the outfit off with my River Island brogue boots, and accessorised with a watch to smarten it up.

This is a really easy look to put together yourself, and as long as you remember that it’s not possible to hide poorer quality behind flamboyant design or statement pieces, then minimal style can be a real winner. You could even refine this further by swapping out the brogue boots for black derby shoes and removing the jewellery.

  • Jumper – Vivienne Westwood
  • Jeans – AllSaints
  • Boots – River Island
  • Watch – Giorgio Milano

Hope this post was useful, and interesting to look at (despite the dreary wall and blinding sunlight). Leave a comment either on here or on Instagram letting me know what you think, and what you’d like to see more of, and feel free to drop me a message if you need help finding a piece to perfect your minimal look. Cheers.



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