#20. Top 5 Chelsea Boots Under £50.

Apologies for only posting this up this morning; I did have the post drafted but didn’t get a chance to edit it last night. When it comes to men’s fashion, my particular vice has always been footwear. And no, I don’t mean trainers, I mean proper shoes. And of all the possible choices, Chelsea boots are up there at the very top (I wear my burgundy leather Selected Homme pair at least 3 times a week). Whilst, for many people, footwear can seem an expensive indulgence, my skillset (if you can go so far as to call it a skill) is in finding beautiful shoes for way less than most would spend on a pair of awful Air Max’s. The most I’ve actually ever spent on a pair of shoes is around £60, so for today’s post, I thought it might be useful to try to find a few pairs under £50 that are currently available online. Chelsea boots are, in my opinion, the most versatile style of shoe for any man – they can dress up casual outfits, and relax the more formal. They also are just as common in suede as in leather, and tend to work well with various cuts of jeans or trousers.

Hopefully you guys will find some boots you like in this post, I know for sure there’s a couple of pairs that I’m especially looking to buy. These will be in no particular order, but I’ll note the ones I’m most keen on as I go along.

So, up first, there’s a couple of styles by ASOS. The first of which is a unique take on the Chelsea boot, coming in black suede, detailed with a leather strap, which gives it a real Western look. These are more of a statement pair than the rest, so if you’re looking for something a little less uniform, these would be ideal.

ASOS – Chelsea Boots in Black Suede with Leather Stirrup Strap£45


The next pair from ASOS are the counterpart to the first; a clean, slim-heeled, black suede pair which look effortlessly cool. These are understated but would be my go-to shoes from the lot.
ASOS – Chelsea Boots in Suede£45


This next pair are by far the most formal; Peter Werth’s Tyson shoes come in tough black leather, with a wider cut and a stacked heel, ideal for coupling with a three-piece suit. These are also down from £99, so a steal if you’re in need of a snazzier shoe.
Peter Werth – Tyson Chelsea Shoes£49, down from £99

Fourth in the list are the sculpted, sleek pair by Pier One in tobacco suede. These are definitely my favourites, and the boots I’m most likely to buy from this list – I’ve been looking for a really nice suede pair (that aren’t black) for a while now. I really love the tobacco colour and the slim shape of the boot. These come in at £41.99.

Pier One – Tobacco Chelsea Boots£41.99


Next up are a pair by River Island. These are the sort of thing you’d wear on a day-to-day basis; they’re a lot less polished, and the smokey shade of the suede adds to the overall distressed look. They’re down 50% from £60, to £30. 
River Island – Grey Suede Chelsea Boots£30, down from £60


I know this is the sixth pair but I found these towards the end of my search when I was relooking at ASOS, and they’re quite unique. They’re by Base London, and come in olive-green suede. I really liked the stitch detail on these and the lower cut on the ankle, and of course the fact they’re on sale at £34.50, but unfortunately my size is out of stock, so if your size is still available I envy you. 
Base London – Suede Chelsea Boots£34.50, down from £73


Whilst I enjoyed searching these out, and finding some great boots, if I’m honest I’m a little disappointed in the sales at the moment – I might do another search for Chelsea boots in a few weeks time and see if I can find you some even better buys, as I’ve often found pairs at £20-25 down from upwards of £70. Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know which pair you liked best, and what you’d like to see more of, either here or on my Instagram. And as always, hit that follow button if ya wanna, or don’t, who cares.



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