#17. Outfit on a Budget – Vol 1.

As I’m aware, outfit posts are great for visual inspiration, and can be useful for you guys who are interested in seeing how various looks can work. However, I think there’s limited usefulness in solely uploading outfit shots. So, every two weeks, I’m going to create a post with a budget outfit picked out from online retailers, using one of my prior OOTD posts as inspiration – this way you’ll be able to add to your wardrobe relatively inexpensively, and I think you’ll find it more useful actually seeing where I find my pieces and how I put the looks together.

For today’s Outfit on a Budget, I’ve used my latest OOTD post as inspiration. This is mostly due to the really great reaction it seemed to get on Instagram and here on the site; maybe I should dress smarter more often… But also, my Selected Homme suit is my go-to look for more formal occasions, an indispensable and invaluable addition to my wardrobe, and so I thought it would be useful to find something that could be equally invaluable to you.

First up are the suit jacket and matching trousers – this dogtooth-patterned pairing by Heart & Dagger is so clean, and relatively similar to the suit I wore in my OOTD. The jacket comes in at £44, the most expensive item on this list, but when you consider that it’s been reduced from £110, it is an absolute steal. The trousers are an equal bargain, at £15, down from £50. Both pieces come in super skinny fit, but from the images on ASOS you can see that this isn’t a very restrictive cut at all.

Heart & Dagger – Dogtooth Suit Jacket




Heart & Dagger – Dogtooth Suit Trousers



Next up is the shirt, the foundation of a well-styled suit. It would be easy just to pick a standard Oxford shirt and be done with it, but being a bit pickier with the collar and the texture of a shirt can bring subtle distinction to your look. I’ve picked this textured white shirt in slim fit by Selected Homme. It features a cut-away collar, and costs only £20 – a 50% saving on its retail price.

Selected Homme – Textured Shirt with Cut-Away Collar



For the waistcoat, I opted for a classic black piece by Rogues of London, which comes in skinny fit and costs £12.50, down from £50.

Rogues of London – Black Waistcoat



No suit is complete without its tie – this black textured piece by French Connection is £12, and comes in a regular cut.

French Connection – Black Tie



And finally, my favourite part of any outfit – the footwear. I’ve picked out these beautiful classic worker boots by Kurt Geiger, which are £39, down from £120.

Kurt Geiger – ALEX Boots



That puts the total expense for this outfit at £142.50, which is really not that bad for a full three-piece suit and a pair of boots. It’s definitely worth playing around with different options too if the patterning of this particular suit doesn’t take your fancy – there’s a load of choice on ASOS, especially.
Hopefully you guys have found this post somewhat useful, and are looking forward to the next one in a couple of weeks. Don’t forget to subscribe by email/hit the follow button on the bottom right of the page if you like reading my posts, and leave a comment to let me know what you’d like to see more of. Cheers.



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