Whilst my love for the open shirt and tee combination will never dwindle, I can imagine some of you might possibly be getting a little bored of seeing those looks. So, for today’s post, I thought I’d showcase the smarter side to my wardrobe; a three-piece suit with grey dogtooth jacket and matching trousers by Selected Homme, and a black waistcoat by No 8 Savile Row. It’s not often I get to wipe the dust from my more formal pieces, so a wedding provided the perfect occasion to get this suit out. 

I honestly can’t think of anything else in menswear that could rival a three-piece suit; when picked to suit your personal style, it’s an outfit that you will genuinely always look good in. For me, Selected’s more tailored (skinny) fit formalwear seemed the most suitable choice for my frame and my style. I’d highly recommend giving their range a browse if you’re still looking for that ideal suit. I paired it with black brogue boots by River Island, a silk tie by Atrium, a white curved-collar shirt by Produkt and a pair of braces that you can’t really see from ASOS. 

Anyway, enough rambling, hope ya enjoy the photos and maybe get some inspiration for the formalwear missing in your own wardrobe:

  • Jacket – Selected Homme
  • Trousers – Selected Homme
  • Waistcoat – No 8 Savile Row
  • Shirt – Produkt 
  • Watch – Giorgio Milano 
  • Boots – River Island 
  • Jewellery – The Great Frog
  • Tie – Atrium 
  • Braces – ASOS


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