#10. The Fortnightly Buyers’ Guide: Volume II

For this second installment of my fortnightly buyers’ guide, I’ve pieced together an outfit perfect for the transition into the spring season. With the resurgence of checked flannel in recent years, the lumberjack look has become a popular go-to for the warmer months.

I took the classic plaid and boot combination and sharpened it up a little with my personal stylistic preferences; to offer a slimmer silhouette on a generally more relaxed look, I picked out a pair of Cheap Monday skinny jeans in a lighter shade of indigo – I know, not black for once. Blue denim and tan leather is the tried-and-tested coupling, but I thought that with the lighter dye of the jeans it would be more fitting to opt for a deeper shade in the boots; I chose a beautiful pair of sanguine-soaked wingtips, sporting brogue detailing, from River Island. These are a limited edition pair, and an absolute bargain at £20 (previously £120), so there’s only a small range of sizes still available.

For the upper half of this outfit, I kept the base layer extremely simple; a plain white, scoop-necked t-shirt. Lower cut tees tend to look better than the standard crew-neck when worn beneath collared pieces. This tee can be worn tucked into the jeans, with a pair of jet-black ASOS braces to smarten up the outfit, or, for those less keen on braces, it can be left untucked and relaxed. The most important piece to bring this look together is, of course, the checked shirt. I picked out a slim=fitting, long-sleeved flannel by Selected Homme. I chose monochrome plaid purely because I don’t like too much colour in one outfit, however, subtle throws of colour in the shirt can look equally great. Here are the links to the pieces:






Hopefully this post has been useful to a few of you, and you’ve seen some bits you like, even if it isn’t the entire outfit. Though, the outfit is pretty great. Total cost for this one comes in at £76.


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