#9. Introducing a Little Regularity; The First Instalment of The Fortnightly Buyers’ Guide.

Coming off the back of a fortnight without word, at least on my blog, I felt as though it would be worthwhile to introduce some sort of constant; a post that would be stylistically consistent, and periodically released.

I had a skim over the website’s statistics, and it seems the post that garnered the best reaction, and thus, I imagine, the most interest, was the guide on bargain shoe-shopping. So, I thought it’d be useful, for those who enjoyed that post, to do a broader scout of the best buys in the online world. Every fortnight, I’ll be delving into the clearance sections of the regular spots, and rummaging through some lesser known ones, to find an affordable outfit of 5 items. (Usually; a jacket, t-shirt, jumper/shirt, jeans/trousers, and shoes.)

For this first instalment, I’ve picked out an outfit comprised of what I feel to be clean wardrobe staples; this is a go-to style for me, and fits the bill for most occasions. I found a classic faux-leather jacket by French Connection, and paired it with a charcoal flannel shirt by River Island that you could layer over the P&Co tee. Coupled with a pair of not-too-skinny (or looser than my usual fit) jeans by Religion, and finished with beautiful black Oxford shoes by Zara, this would make for an effortless evening look:







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