#14. Bonjour, La Ville Lumière.

There are few words to describe the frenzy of excitement in which I awoke yesterday morning. Glancing over at the glow of ’10:03 AM’ on the alarm clock resting on my bed-side table, I leapt out of of bed in a manner that can only be likened to the break of the sea’s surface as a Great White shark shoots up towards its floating prey. On a lesser extreme, I’d say I was more akin to a puppy at treat-time, all excitable at the prospect of my Parisian adventure’s outset.

It was to be my first day in my new home; the city of lights and the heart of European artistry in all its forms. So, I wanted to dress the part. Setting aside all its clichés and stereotypical characterisations, the people of Paris, on a whole, tend to dress well. They make a marked effort on their appearance, and I wanted to let Paris know I’m all for its fashion infatuation.

With my journey’s beginning only an hour away, I did my best to put together an outfit worthy of the Parisian life. I paired my tan leather brogues with the staple black skinny jeans and a patent red leather belt. In a nod to the French love of the stripe, I wore an AllSaints Breton tee, thrown on under my washed out denim biker jacket. Anticipating some sunshine upon my arrival, the ToyShades smoked purple sunglasses had to be put in play.

Fast-forward four hours or so; Whilst I had anticipated some sunshine, I definitely wasn’t expecting the sweltering torrent of heat that hit me as I stepped off the EuroStar. It was as though I’d stepped off into Egypt or Mexico, not France. Off came the jacket immediately, and, by the miracle of technology, my Uber taxi arrived to take me away to what I had been awaiting for months. Usually, the unbelievable amount of traffic wouldn’t have been a sight to relish, but, caught up in a whirlwind of the sights and sounds of this city, I was more than happy to sit back and absorb my surroundings with the time that the traffic had allowed me.

And then I arrived. Months of preparation, anticipation and excitement had led to this very moment. And it is beyond beautiful.

Bonjour, La Ville Lumière.


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