#13. Parisian Preparation.

Just a quick update; within 24 hours, I will have arrived, unpacked and hopefully acclimatised to my new home for the month in Paris. To say I’m excited would be more than a slight understatement, in fact, I don’t think I’ve been such a melting pot of anxiety and excitement before in my life. The only problem is, to be able to unpack when I arrive there, I have to pack here. If there is one fatal, fun-sapping flaw to travelling, it has to be the tedious bane that is packing.

However, packing for Paris entails an emphasis on one thing; clothes. Having had a brief look at the weather forecast for the next four weeks, I think it’s safe to say much of that emphasis has been centred on any form of clothing that won’t make me feel like I’m being slow-roasted on an open fire; 24-35 degrees across the month of June. 35 DEGREES. Pretty certain I booked a month in France and not a month in Somalia. Regardless, I won’t complain. 35 degrees will be warmly welcomed, pun intended, over the drip-by-drip drear of regular English weather.

So, tomorrow morning, the journey I’ve been patiently awaiting over the past few months finally begins.

See you soon, Paris.


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