#12. Back in Black. 

Black. Noir. Nero. The colour black is a ceaseless classic; the subtle and simple embodiment of effortless style. For me, black has always been the staple tone that latched itself to my wardrobe, and the colour that I don’t ever seem to be able to part with in any choice of outfit. Regardless of roaring warmth, and despite harsh humidity, I will always wear black.

Today was no exception to that rule.

As a post-exam celebration, I was heading home to Leicester for a local festival called Glastonbudget. Yeah, step aside Glastonbury. Who wants to pay £250-odd to see bands like Kasabian, Arctic Monkeys, The Killers or The Foo Fighters, when you can pay £76 for a weekend of their respective tributes? That’s right; enter Kazabian, Antarctic Monkeys, The Fillers and The Four Fighters.

I had my fingers crossed that I’d arrive in Leicester to the glorious glow of the sun, and not to the miserable horde of soul-sucking grey clouds that fester as regular residents over the East Midlands, and I was not disappointed. The weather was almost picturesque, for once.

My choice of outfit, however, didn’t quite reflect the weather in its radiance. A head-to-toe, death-spangled, coffin of black was what I cloaked myself in today. That being said, it’s up there with my favourite looks.

Rock and roll remains black; I layered a denim biker jacket over a coal, scoop-neck t-shirt, and coupled them with a pair of rolled-up black skinnies, fastened with a worn-out, studded belt, and completed with patent, onyx leather boots. Oh, and never forget the sunglasses. Integral.

This entire outfit was brought to you through the miracle that is ASOS.


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