#11. The Triumphant Return of ToyShades.

After nearly a month of seclusion and study, the season of exams is finally over. Now that the period of monotonous perusal of Theory & Criticism has been and gone, I have all the time in the world to focus on the other aspects of life that interest me, one of which being this blog. Inspiration for my post-exam post came in the form of an email from an eyewear brand called ToyShades.

With the spring days soaring past, we are arriving at the front steps of summer; the moderate sunshine will begin to slowly shift into a harsher heat and an intense glare. Sunglasses are a must, and if you’re going to spend the money on protecting your eyes, you may as well spend it on eyewear that also helps spruce up your summer wardrobe. ToyShades, with the help of arguably the most recognisable face in male modelling today, Ricki Hall, crafted a campaign that stole the show for eyewear last summer. Donning the collection of affordable but superbly-made frames, Ricki Hall, the poster boy for rock and roll fashion, catapulted ToyShades into the social media spotlight, and their eclectic array of sunglasses sold themselves through sheer design brilliance. Following the success of the collection, ToyShades, surprisingly, seemed to have vanished, with no trace of communication on their social media outlets. No updates were posted for months, and nobody was made aware of any plans for future collections or if indeed ToyShades still existed as a brand.

Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, a subscription letter arrived in my inbox from the ghost brand, including an apology for the lack of public communication. ToyShades had been working away at a huge new collection for this Spring/Summer, and included in the email was a 25% discount on all of their new range. I definitely thought to take advantage of the opportunity, with the collection boasting a striking mix of subtle and innovative frames. The half-rimmed ‘Dexter’ range was by far my favourite, with a wide variety of lens and frame colours to choose between. My personal picks were the ‘Black Gloss & Gold with Grey Lens’, though the grey of the lens is more a smoked blend of purple and grey, which I favoured above a traditional grey, and the ‘Amber Tortoise & Gold with Amber Lens’:

Their new collection can be found at: – ToyShades.


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