#10. A View From The Ouse.

Apologies for the serious lack of posts over the past ten days. It’s currently ‘exam period’, which, for an English student, isn’t all that stressful really due to my grand total of one exam. However, like I’ve mentioned previously, the one exam happens to be on literary theory; a subject for which I have very little enthusiasm. Because of this, I’ve recently retired myself from dawn till dusk to the dread and drear of university ‘study rooms’, in a feeble attempt to salvage a pass on this exam. Hence, the lack of recent ramblings.

Moving swiftly on from the bore of that previous paragraph, this post continues on from the last, on the topic of exploration. Having lived in York for the best part of a year now, I had never thought much of the possibilities of living in a city with a great worm of water running straight through it, prior to this day. Upon walking into the city centre, the call of the River Ouse began to coax me in. By ‘the River Ouse’, I mean the guys in bright-red sweaters based at the bank of the river, scurrying to-and-fro between passers-by, asking if anyone fancied a ‘boat trip’. At first, the words ‘boat trip’ screamed a slow, boring, pensioner-brimmed boat chaperoned by said bright-red sweater boy, trudging its way through the river. To my surprise, what they actually meant was a self-driven powerboat to coast along the course in. How could I say no?

The novel experience of captaining my own boat whilst consciously, and to the dismay of some friends, impersonating Johnny Depp aboard The Black Pearl, was honestly up there with the most interesting encounters I’ve had since living in York. The ability to explore the city in a completely unfamiliar way was captivating, and I have no doubt I’ll be doing it again soon. Though, I did spill my beer all over the boat and myself whilst doing a stellar imitation of Captain Jack, so I’m unsure as to just how soon.


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