#9. A Wander In The Woodland.

Prior to the beginning of my summer term, I had expectations of exactly the events that ensued today. The arrival of warm days and cerulean skies surely heralded the consequent abundance of wanderings; who doesn’t love a long, spontaneous walk, lacking any predetermined destination?

There is just something to revel in in exploration. It doesn’t need to be exploration in its most bold sense; I’m not talking buccaneers brandishing steel, sheathed in scabbards, ambling aboard the Queen Anne’s Revenge. No, though the idea of such extravagant exploration is something to take pleasure from, the closest we’ll ever get to those images conjured up in our minds is those very images conjured up by Disney in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, springboarded by the ever-envied Captain Jack Sparrow.

Instead, our exploration comes in a more simple form. To wander is to provide yourself with distraction from any unhappiness prevalent in your life. Today’s journey took me away from minor, fleeting complications and placed me in the path of a tall, branch-mangled forest, on the foot of a stretch of idyllic scenes in malachite-greens and lemon and corn-yellows. it was all a tad Hobbiton, and as a self-confessed Tolkienite there’s no surprise as to why such rambles are one of my favourite summer pastimes. This inaugural wander will hopefully be my springboard for similarly spent days in the weeks to come.

To wrap this post up, on the topic of Tolkien, and of the pleasure of plain wandering, here is a quote from a poem by said literary master:

“Not all those who wander are lost.” – J.R.R Tolkien


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