#8. A Summer Shop.

I woke to the radiant reflection of the sun’s rays glaring at me through my window. Summer was slowly poking its bright, beaming visage into my room, and I realised a slight lack of the loose-fit in my wardrobe. I do tend to wear scoop-neck, oversized tops throughout the year, but there was definitely room for a few more. Any excuse for a bit of online shopping.

In summer, it’s often easy for guys to start dressing very similarly; the heat doesn’t allow for layering or any distinctive looks. Boots, skinny jeans, jumpers and jackets are all shelved away and hung back in the wardrobe, being quickly replaced by shorts, slip-ons and a lightweight t-shirt. It’s clear to see how hordes of chino-short and crew-cut tee-clad clones can spring up so swiftly approaching the summer months. To individualise a summer look, as a guy, I tend to find it’s most easily approached through accessorising; belts, braces, jewellery and sunglasses are my port of call for a more interesting outfit on summer days.

So, with my excuse to splash out a little on some additions to the summer wardrobe, I went straight onto ASOS. As expected, a 70%-off sale – ASOS eclipses all other online shopping destinations when looking for a bargain.

Three t-shirts, two belts and a pair of nautical necklaces later, and with the love of my life – ASOS Premier – my delivery arrived the next morning. I especially love my t-shirt by Dr. Denim, despite the slightly overt egotism of wearing a shirt adorned ‘Damn Handsome’. My other buys included an acid-wash pocket tee by ASOS (a great summer basic), a grey scoop-neck by Religion, an outlandish, red patent-leather belt, also by ASOS, a studded and florally-embossed belt by Jack Jones, and a pair of silver necklaces; one with an anchor pendant, and the other with a ship’s wheel.


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