#7. York-Bound.

From the first footsteps I set upon the cobbled streets of York all those months ago, at the outset of student life, the city immediately fixed itself to me as a second home. Seven months later, here I am, awaiting the dawning of a third term of living amongst the unusual allure of its twisting lanes of timber-frame taverns and bustling bars, each brimming over with distinct character. The dawning of this term, however, also heralds the eventual dusk of first-year life.

So, despite my delight upon the journey back to the north, part of me cannot help but suppress and subdue this feeling, knowing that my days of relaxed reading and general enjoyment of day-to-day life in York are soon to come to their end. The stout-soaked evenings in lamp-lit pubs will be substituted, for the most part, for coursework-centred library hours. Oh, the joy.

That being said, the coming months of sunshine and warmth – wishful thinking, I know, it’s the north – are what I’ve most been looking forward to since moving to York; the challenges of next year can cross my mind after eight weeks of t-shirt weather.

I thought I should probably tie in another outfit post with my return to university: Despite the splashes of sun, the cool breeze of the day meant a t-shirt probably wasn’t going to suffice. I layered an Allsaints scoop-neck striped tee with a rolled-up red flannel shirt from Benetton. Even on the warmer days I tend to refrain from wearing shorts, unless it’s blistering heat, so I threw on a pair of ASOS black super-skinnies, with some tan, leather brogues to round off the look. Oh, and those River Island sunglasses; protect the peepers.


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