#6. Planning Paris.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had a strange fascination with La Ville Lumière. From a cultural viewpoint, Paris has been embedded in my mind as the heart of many of the aspects of life that I enjoy; from film  and fashion, to art and architecture. This image of Paris has been constructed over centuries of cultural exploration and innovation, however, there’s no doubt that the postcard-perfect idylls of Parisian life have certainly been influenced by its portrayal in modern media.

Despite having only ever visited Paris twice, both times as a child and with both visits predominantly being spent in Disneyland, the depiction of this city had me bewitched; and it latched itself to me increasingly as I grew into my late-teens. The early memories still linger of those days spent wandering through Disneyland, but, for a long time now, I’ve known that what I really want is to just spend some time living in the heart of the city. I want to uncover every corner of its charm, and find out whether life in the City of Light is all that my fascinations envisaged.

Weeks of organisation later, I am almost ready to book my month in Paris. Most of that time has been spent perusing AirBnB for local, affordable accommodation, after the realisation that I could rent a small studio space, in the centre of the city, for a month, at a fraction of the cost of hostel-hopping. Not only is it cheaper, but who wouldn’t want their own place in Paris for 28 nights? The idea of being able to unpack completely and live like a Parisian during my time there is a lot more appealing than the typical traveller course of staying in a hostel. Flights were relatively cheap and easy to source for the 4 weeks between June and July; SkyScanner works a treat.

Hopefully, after this coming weekend, my Parisian adventure will be booked and finalised, and I honestly cannot wait to get out there.

Not least because I’ll be there for Paris Fashion Week.


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